How to decorate your house for Halloween? 5 themes to your home!

The scariest night of the year is coming. Do you already have plans on how to celebrate Halloween with your kids? You can keep it small, and still have tons of fun. All you need is some decorations, a scary costume, and the right spirit: this will be enough to turn into respectable ghosts and witches, at least for a few fun hours. In this case, more than ever, the setting makes all the difference. With some imagination and creativity, even your everyday home can become a ghostly cavern! Here’s some advice for the perfect Halloween set-up. …

How to organize your child’s party

Do you want to organize your child’s party but have no idea where to start? You don’t have much time to dedicate to the planning of the party or you don’t know what theme to choose? Do you want a party with attention to detail where you child’s fun is guaranteed? If the answer to all these questions is “yes” you are in the right place! I will be happy to organize your party and make it unforgettable for you and your child! …

Living Coral is the color of the year: here’s how to wear it.

Tips to match the Living Coral color in parties, fashion and makeup.

Spring has finally exploded into bright days and multicoloured blooms. What better shade than Living Coral, Pantone 2019 color, to pay homage to vitality? Lively and effervescent, the coral shade chosen by Pantone is both warm and delicate. A colour capable of infusing energy and reassurance, two qualities that are indispensable in an age of incessant change. This precious duality is the basis of its success. Ideal combined with cheerful and radiant tones, Living Coral blends harmoniously with more introspective and sophisticated colours. Let’s see how to use the color Pantone 2019 in the next spring/summer, from special occasions to everyday outfits, through to make-up. …

Birthday in February: the perfect outfit between mystery and romance

Tips from the Party Stylist for a birthday party in February.

Three princesses for three personalities.

Do you celebrate your birthday in February? Consider yourself lucky. February is a very magical month, poised between the romantic aura of Valentine’s Day and the mysterious charm of Carnival. It is no coincidence that the Aquarius girls are distinguished by their dreamy nature and the unstoppable impulse to freedom. Infringing the established schemes and rules, they rely on their imagination to discover new paths and experiment with new lifestyles. That’s why the perfect theme for a birthday in February can only be a Carnival Party at the Palace. The ideal opportunity to make the impossible real and play with the imagination. Tailor-made disguise is a matter of personality: here are three Princesses to be inspired by according to your inner nature.

Christmas Special: ideas and tips from the Holiday Stylist

How to celebrate Christmas and New Year with a perfect look for every occasion.

Christmas is finally on its way: the atmosphere warms up the rigours of winter and the streets shine with multicoloured lights. On these occasions, shine is a must, to pay homage to the festivities with the right charge of charm and energy. Red and gold are the colors of the moment: the first warm and bright, to revive the winter shades, the second precious and harbinger of good wishes.

Birthday party in November: how to organize it in style

Tips from the Party Stylist for those who want to organise a birthday or 18th birthday in November.

Birthday celebrations in November know that it’s not an easy month. The arrival of the cold, the frequency of the rains and the increasingly reduced hours of light seem to row against any enthusiastic party program. And yet, the girls who turn the age of November are extroverted and sensual, full of fantasy and a desire to surprise. How to reconcile intentions and atmosphere? With colours, of course. The color trends for autumn-winter 2018-2019 offer us great ideas and allow us to dare despite the cold season. …

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