Looking for birthday party ideas for children aged 6? A perfect idea for July or August is the Nautical or Navy themed birthday party.

Every month, ideas for birthday parties for children aged 6 years. Find out how to organize an exclusive and fun Nautical-themed party.

Blue waves, adventure and captains are the ideal mix to entertain your child and his friends with an original party. The nautical style, with its stripes and colors, lends itself very well to the design, so the scenic effect is assured. But how to organize a Nautical-themed party for first grade children? Here are the details of the tips for a sure success.

How to organize a birthday party themed Nautica or Marina.

If you want to organize a Marine themed party you already know that you will have to face a host of brave captains. The first advice is not to be caught unprepared. Get to the helm right away and make sure the party goes through without a hitch. The essential thing is to provide the little sea dogs with everything they need to have fun in safety. If you start sailing on sight, the party will be watering all over the place, so plan ahead.

For your Nautical-themed birthday party in particular, study each of these aspects in detail:

  • The location
  • Preferred colours
  • Decorations and fittings
  • Disguises and accessories
  • Gadgets and gift ideas
  • Food & Drink
  • Entertainment and animation

Where to organize the Nautical themed birthday party.

The ideal location for a Nautical theme party is of course the sea. Waves, seagulls and sea breeze are the companions of every good captain. But if the sea is currently unreachable, you can organize the party in the pool, or in the garden with a good layout. In the first case, be sure to guarantee the young guests all the precautions to avoid unintentional dives. When it comes to first-grade children’s parties, safety comes first

Ideal colours for a Nautical-themed birthday party.

Once you’ve chosen the location, think about the colours for the setting. Given the seafaring theme, you can’t miss the blue of the waves or the blue of the sky, combined with white and red. Choose them in a single colour or combined with each other, as in the typical striped fabrics to be used for tablecloths and decorations. Use red only for details, so as to maintain a general effect of blue freshness. These colours inspire serenity and will create the right atmosphere for a joyful and carefree birthday party.

Decorations for a Marine themed party.

The great thing about a Nautical-themed birthday party is that you can have fun with the decorations. The elements from which to start are many, it is up to you to choose how to distribute them. There are also fishing nets to hang on the walls, life jackets and anchors of all types and sizes. Also perfect are the little white and blue boats, perhaps created with paper, or the oars to hang in the background. Decorate the table with small lighthouses and shells for children and hang balloons with fish everywhere. It really feels like you’re living in the waves..

Disguises and accessories for the birthday party.

Children love to dress up and interpret new adventures. Help your little one to put himself in the shoes of a real captain with the right clothes for the occasion. All you need is a white or striped t-shirt, white or blue shorts and a white cap in perfect nautical style. The result will be magnificent and at the same time comfortable. After all, the important thing is that he is free to play.

Gadgets and themed gift ideas for first grade children.

In a party for children of 6 years old some gifts for guests is certainly welcome. In the case of the Nautical-themed party you can welcome your child’s friends with small maritime-style gadgets. Floating boats and sea hats will make the guests happy and help create the atmosphere. They will also be a pleasant reminder of the time we spent together once we got home.

Buffet and drinks for the Nautical-themed birthday party.

Surfing is a bit of a bustle, so set up a buffet worthy of a real captain. In the heat of the summer season, it’s best to focus on light food to avoid the sleepy effect. Focus on fresh fruit at will, accompanied by yogurt and themed decorated biscuits to make everything tastier. Colourful juice-based drinks will help children cool down between games.

Birthday party games for children aged 6.

Games are a must. It’s true that children themselves invent wonderful stories, but help never hurts. Water and sand games are ideal for the Marina themed birthday party. If you celebrate on the beach you won’t have any problems, otherwise you can get an inflatable or sand pool to build beautiful castles. You can also set up a small origami workshop to build together boats and paper hats to play with later.

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