Tips from the Party Stylist for those who want to organise a birthday or 18th birthday in November.

Birthday celebrations in November know that it’s not an easy month. The arrival of the cold, the frequency of the rains and the increasingly reduced hours of light seem to row against any enthusiastic party program. And yet, the girls who turn the age of November are extroverted and sensual, full of fantasy and a desire to surprise. How to reconcile intentions and atmosphere? With colours, of course. The color trends for autumn-winter 2018-2019 offer us great ideas and allow us to dare despite the cold season.

Here are the tips of your Party Stylist for celebrating a birthday or an 18th birthday in November with the well-deserved energy boost.

Restaurant party: Ultra Violet to amaze

If you want an elegant party in a high profile location, the color with which to make it memorable is certainly Ultra Violet. The colour of the year chosen by Pantone expresses all the sophisticated sophistication you are looking for, with due originality. Set your birthday party in November in a restaurant set up ad hoc, with sumptuous chandeliers to illuminate the audience of guests. Don’t miss the profusion of flowers, in shades ranging from pink to purple, and choose Ultra Violet as the reference color for the table and decorations. The dress for such a special evening should not fear rivals. Perfect the one signed Elie Saab, with a princely tail and a shorter front to highlight the legs. The extra touch of light? Wonderful jewel sandals.


Party with friends: Green Quetzal to fascinate

Do you prefer a more sparkling evening with friends to formal parties? Celebrate your 18th or birthday in November in a dimly lit venue. Choose a tropical atmosphere as your theme, to warm up the cold winter, and inspire ornaments and details from the imposing forests of the Amazon. Changing shades of green to blue will mantle the feast of a lush allure, like a mysterious and flourishing Eden generous with promises. For your birthday dress, Peacock Green or Quetzal Green will give you the right exotic charm. The fabrics to choose from are satin and velvet, both of which are among the autumn-winter trends: the first is silky and sensual, the second voluptuous and bewitching. You can choose between a long or short dress, with a deep side slit to make the effect even more incandescent.


Intimate party: Pink peacock to conquer

Do you have in mind a party between a few intimate? For your birthday in November, the ideal location is the hall of a historic building. Between the echoes of the past and the walls decorated with frescoes, the evocative atmosphere is assured. Enhance the noble tone of the environment with a worthy scenic setting. The table will be set with impeccable refinement, with particular attention to detail and the centerpiece. For your dress, pink peacock fuchsia is the color of a modern princess, absolutely feminine but with personality. Choose it as a long version, letting yourself be enveloped by the lively freshness of the shade. It will emphasize your sweetness with the touch of grit that suits you.


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