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Fashion stylist

I love fashion and I have a good knowledge of it, because I’ve always been interested in its cultural and sociological facets and because of my job in Milan, where I was given the chance to experience the fashion world up-close and, above all, because I get so much fun out of it. That is why I am able to interpret fashion trends in my own creative approach and to create a style that is striking and yet original. My ideal set is the city: its parks, streets, metropolitan patterns are the ideal backdrop to the outfits that I create one season after another. My job involves two phases: firstly, I examine the latest trends by going to fashion shows, and then I add my personal touch by mixing styles and trends in an original way. By collaborating with Tuscan and Italian boutiques and brands, I’ve been able to put my intuitions to the test: photo shoots with a selection of seasonal pieces that I publish on my blog and which give great visibility to the brands and shops I work with.
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Man attitute

Photography: Alessandro Moggi
Stylist: Dalahi Ortiz

Tea with friends

Photographers: Martina Giachi
Stylist: Dalahi Ortiz
Hair: Gabrio Staff
Make up artist: Tiziana Lucarini
Location: Stoffe & Stile

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