The scariest night of the year is coming. Do you already have plans on how to celebrate Halloween with your kids? You can keep it small, and still have tons of fun. All you need is some decorations, a scary costume, and the right spirit: this will be enough to turn into respectable ghosts and witches, at least for a few fun hours. In this case, more than ever, the setting makes all the difference. With some imagination and creativity, even your everyday home can become a ghostly cavern! Here’s some advice for the perfect Halloween set-up.

Here 5 themes to decorate your home and keep your kids entertained.

Halloween for the little ones: get it through the pumpkin!

The Pumpkin theme is perfect for Halloween decorations if you have kindergarten-age children. Witches and vampires can be scary, but the orange pumpkin is the universal icon. The setting will be autumnal, with decorations in warm tones, especially orange, lighted candles, and many characteristic pumpkins. For snacks: go with pumpkin-shaped cookies and cake, persimmons and mandarins as seasonal fruits, and a healthy ACE juice will be perfectly in tune. Even the costume will be a pumpkin, with an orange tulle skirt and themed headband. The afternoon game? Gather the autumn leaves from the garden to glue them on a sheet to create shapes and designs.

Spiders, witches and bats: Halloween decorations for 6-year-olds.

HHalloween for elementary school children is already a party that you can fully enjoy. Monsters and spiders are fun without being scary. Decorate the house with candles, spider webs, black cats, bats and witch hats. Total black is the ideal color to create a witchy atmosphere. Make a snack of cupcakes, cookies, themed cake, chocolate cones in the shape of a witch’s hat and a freshly squeezed orange juice to drink. For the costumes: a black dress and a witch’s hat, or a white sheet, will be enough to make the kids a ghost dress. Simple solutions for the best results. And the game? A creative workshop with felt, to make spiders, bats and black kittens!

Magical decorations for children aged 8 to 10.

Which Halloween theme to choose from to decorate your home, if you have third, fourth or fifth graders? The Harry Potter one, of course! The magic-themed decorations, for a real Hogwart school setting. Crows, skulls, candelabra, wands and glasses – like those from the most famous wizard movie – will be perfect ornamental elements. For the snack, go with themed biscuits and sweets. Obviously the disguise will be that of Harry or Ermione, in full Gryffindor style. And how can you entertain your young wizard? With a chemical experiment in the laboratory, to create a magic potion.

Halloween decorations if your kid is in middle school: Gothic is the way to go.

If your kid is in first or second grade, if he/she is 11 or 12, Halloween night is also an opportunity to put yourselves out there and discover new styles. In this case, decorate the house with a gothic theme. Set your dinner table with skeletons, eerie candlesticks, fake blood and vampire teeth. Red color is the key word to evoke the gothic charm of an ancient Transylvanian castle. Prepare a creepy buffet with hot dogs to soak in ketchup, tomb-shaped sandwiches and decorated desserts. The diners will have to sit at the table disguised as vampires, the devil or a mummy: terrifying inhabitants of haunted nights. And for entertainment? A nice dance for the whole family to the tune of Thriller.

IT Circus: a night of horror.

And for older kids? If your kid is in eighth grade, you can dare with a little more frightening atmosphere for the Halloween set-up. The IT theme, inspired by the famous 1980s horror film, recently back on movies screens worldwide, is certainly a perfect idea. The ideal setting will be decorations with all the elements reminiscent of the film: terrifying clowns, paper boats, long fake knives and the inevitable red balloons. The red and white striped pattern is the one that best evokes the monstrous clown of the cinema. For food & drink, choose burgers and chips, with popcorn and Coca-cola in full fast food style. For the costumes, the theme “killer clowns” will be the common thread for different interpretations, from the evil IT to the insane Joker. And for Halloween entertainment? A movie night with screenings of IT Chapter 1 and 2, for a really scary night!

Do you need ideas, decorations and set-up for Halloween? Contact me, I’ll help you create a perfect Halloween style atmosphere!

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