Take note of the tips for a Classic Blue themed party, for when the time is right and you can celebrate safely.

How to use Classic Blue in parties? All the tips you need for kids & adults parties.

Trends for a Classic Blue party for kids of all ages, from children to teenagers.

Do you have a party coming up and you want it to be unforgettable? A party in Classic Blue is what you need. The color chosen by Pantone for 2020 is perfect for any type of party, from the baby shower of the little ones to a fairytale-like sweet sixteen. The important thing is to combine it with themes that highlight its qualities to create the right atmosphere. Classic Blue is an elegant and harmonious color, but also introspective, perfect for those who love to dream. So here are my tips for four exceptional parties (for when the time is right and you can celebrate safely), from the birthday of the little ones to a sweet sixteen.

Royal-themed birthday party: the Blue Prince!

Tired of the usual Prince Charming? Very well, because this year’s trend is an all-blue Prince. The Royal theme perfectly expresses the innate class of this shade and is perfect for celebrating the arrival of a baby boy. Choose it for at home baby shower with all your relatives or for the first birthday of the prince of your heart. The main color is obviously Classic Blue, to match with a precious gold. Decorate the room with a backdrop of golden drapes, gold and blue balloons, and golden cardboard crowns to hang on. For the table, choose a blue tablecloth and play around with some gold for luxurious place cards and princely candleholders. The effect will be magnificent, especially in combination with a buffet of bottle-shaped biscuits and strollers and a splendid Royal cake. For the little prince? Naturally a Classic Blue dress, without forgetting a soft matching crown. Gift crowns will also be the ideal gadget for your guests. Here is a perfect royal family setting!

Classic Blue: the color of the sea for a Marine-themed Party

A marine-themed party is a perfect party for both boys and girls. For a little girl, you can also change it to a Mermaid-themed Party, still playing with shades of blue. It is an idea particularly suitable for the birthday party of kindergarten or first and second grade kids. The ideal location would be of course the beach, but you can also set up your party in the garden. If the basic color remains Classic Blue, this time the combination is certainly with white, especially with striped pattern. Decorate the environment and the table with everything that recalls life at sea: boats, rudders, anchors, lighthouses and starfish. For your son, choose a sailor costume or a white and blue striped t-shirt, combined with shorts of the same color. For your daughter, choose a short blue skirt with pliers or pleats or, if you want to dare, have her wear a beautiful mermaid mask in blue. To delight your young guests, prepare a buffet of tuna and salmon sandwiches and don’t forget the final gadgets. Yummy blue cloth bags full of candy, perhaps closed by a starfish, that will appeal to every little sailor. And for outdoor games? Green light to sand castles and other themed workshops!

Classic Blue, il colore del cielo per una Festa Spaziale

For children between eight and ten, choose a Space-themed birthday party! Curiosity about astronomy is very common among children from third to fifth grade. This theme reflects their resourcefulness and adapts perfectly to both boys and girls. The ideal would an evening party set up at home, with a futuristic setting in shades of blue and silver. To decorate the house, prepare a blue backdrop with constellations and attach many small planets in colored cardboard and shiny silver balloons. Choose blue or silver for the tablecloth and prepare rocket-shaped cookies and a truly galactic cake. The ideal clothing is of course total white, like the suit of a real astronaut. To say goodbye to your guests, create toy shuttles as gadgets to take home. And to entertain them? Games and workshops with STEM activities to bring children closer to the world of science and technology.

Night or Moon themed birthday party: a stellar party

For a birthday party for older kids you really need brilliant party. Teenagers love to dream, so a party in a Classic Blue firmament is the perfect setting. Choose the Night or Moon theme for boys and girls aged 11 to 14, or for a magnificent sweet sixteen. The ideal would be to organize the party in a room decorated in Classic Blue, in combination with gold and silver. Green light to cascades of lights, silver and bright stars and a giant moon for the photo shoot. For an even more stellar atmosphere, complete it with gold and silver pearly balloons. The ideal outfit for him? A suit with a blue jacket and trousers, with a white or light blue shirt, is the best look for a dream boy. For a girl, choose a short dress in shimmering silver sequins or a more sober one, long but equally spectacular in the Classic Blue shades. Mini star-shaped earrings will be the ideal gadget for guest girls, while for boys you can focus on silver planet-shaped keychains. The entertainment? Super console with DJ, music and karaoke!

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Yes, of course, when you can celebrate!


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