Shopping: Saint Tropez Style

A handful of streets that lead off from Place des Lices, the main square which houses a street market, very similar to Forte dei Marmi’s, on Tuesdays and Saturdays: this is where you’ll want to go shopping. Rue Gambetta, Place de la Garonne, Rue Francois Sibilli, Rue Georges Clemenceau and Rue General Allard are lined with designer boutiques such as Dior, Hermès, Céline, Alaìa, Chloè, Rykiel, Dolce&Gabbana, Gucci, Valentino Bulgari, Armani, Versace, and many more. Not big boutiques, but offering very carefully selected items and a lot of deluxe limited-edition pieces. …

Shopping at Diva shoes in Prato!

And what about shoes? A magnificent obsession! Diva Shoes, a small and bright shop along Viale Montegrappa makes you wish you could have them all. Skyscraping sandals, lovely pumps in uncommon colors like the cherry red and dark green ones by L’Arianna, over-the-knee stiletto boots and Beatle boots, lace-ups and ballerina flats. …

Shopping at Willi Wear, Prato

Willi Wear has been reflecting the style of Annalisa, who started the shop alongside Glauco, since 1991. Impeccably beautiful, Annalisa stylishly mixes trendy and classic pieces, in a small 16-square-meter space. Annalisa’s staff members are perfectly aligned with her style, being able to suggest the perfect look for any occasion at first glance. …

Shopping: guide to the best shops in Prato

Prato City. I love the charm of its intimate historic center, dominated by the Emperor’s Castle with its green and white Carrara marble exterior, and the austere elegance of Palazzo Pretorio. The outskirts are a lively play of opposites: the green hills on one side and the contemporary architecture of the New Pecci Center on the other, at the end of the main road leading to the highway. Prato is also one of Europe’s capitals of textile manufacturing, Italy’s second most important city for the production of clothing textiles and yarns. The finest fabrics used by fashion designers all over the world are designed and produced by Prato’s textile companies. Of course, because of my personal shopper and image consultant job, but also because I really enjoy it, I love shopping in Prato and here are a few tips to welcome you into my world, starting with the Prato city. …

Pedini Abbigliamento, Viale della Repubblica

One of the city’s chicest and most elegant shops, opposite the Pecci Center, the newly-renovated contemporary art museum. The owner of the shop, Fabrizio Pedini, chooses both the menswear and womenswear collections, with a preference for sophisticated and offbeat brands. Highly personal, metropolitan-style and differing-from-the-usual fashion. Some brands True Tradition and L’Autrechose!  …

Personal shopper forte dei marmi

The best shops in Forte dei Marmi

Seaside here i come

You either love it or hate it. Forte dei Marmi has no casual fans. This seaside town’s lifestyle and atmosphere haven’t changed in years and years, it is chic and nonchalantly elegant, but it doesn’t warm up to just anyone! However, if you fall in love with Forte dei Marmi, you will love it forever and love everything about it: the bicycle strolls, the mouthwatering smell of spaghetti with arselle, the Wednesday street market, aperitivo at the Principe café and nights at the Capannina Club.

Forte dei Marmi Market Guide

Forget your prejudices about markets. The Forte market is something else. This is where you’ll find the must-haves you’ve seen on the chicest beaches of the world, the baubles worn by It Girls who collect followers on Instagram, plus the finest cashmere, furs straight from the runways of Paris and Milan and much more along this line! Here’s an insider view of the most interesting stalls this summer.

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