Dalahi Ortiz

My story

Let me introduce myself in a few words. I am a happy mother and wife with a deep passion for fashion design and being with people.

I love Italy, although the land I come from, Cuba, is strongly imprinted in my DNA: its colors, scents, culture have blended with Italian warmth and savoir faire, which I have learnt to appreciate and enjoy, creating my own personal style.

After ten years working as a fashion model in Italy, in particular, in Milan, I decided to embark on a new professional journey in the fashion field. The idea of becoming a Personal Shopper was inspired by my love of Italian fashion and good taste, which allows me to steer you towards the right look for your personality. After years spent giving out fashion advice to friends in Milan and then here in Tuscany, I finally decided to become serious about it and share all my experience with you. Without ever forgetting about my passions and my way of being. In short: 100% reliable by doing what I love!


Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered

(Giorgio Armani)

Elegance is balance of proportions, emotions and surprise

Valentino Garavani