September is back, with its golden days, mild temperatures and my children’s birthdays!

An unforgettable birthday party for my son who turns 8.

For José Manuel’s 8th birthday party I was looking for a special theme, which combined his passions with the possibility of playing outdoors. In the end we chose the Pizza Party theme, in reference to Italy and football, which he loves. If you also have child in third grade, this kind of party is definitely for you. It’s joyful, dynamic and delicious, therefore the ideal party for 8-year-olds who love to run wild and have fun with friends. Here are all the tips to organize it.


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How to organize a Pizza-themed party

Pizza is one of those delicacies that brings everyone together. Children in particular love it because, aside from being tasty, it is fun to eat and share. Organizing a Pizza Party is always a great idea. But in order for it to be successful, you need an action plan. As with any successful birthday party, you will have to choose in advance:

  • The location
  • The colors
  • The decorations
  • The clothes
  • The gadgets
  • The entertainment

To help you, here are all the details of the Pizza Party that I organized, and that can be of inspiration to you.

Where to organize a Pizza Party for children?

For the perfect location for a Pizza-themed birthday party, I recommend a place with plenty of space. In my case the season has allowed for an outdoor setting, which is preferable for children to run and play. Your garden is an ideal solution that allows you to have everything under control and at your fingertips. If you are forced to celebrate indoors, take into account the heat of the oven and the crowd of children. So make sure you choose a sufficiently large and ventilated space.

What colors should you choose for a Pizza Party?

Pizza is an all-Italian excellence, closely linked to the imaginary and national culture. Therefore, for the colors of José’s party I had no hesitation: white, red and green. The colors of the Italian flag, hence perfect also in conjunction with the national football theme, are also the colors of the pizza! White as mozzarella, red as tomato, green as basil. They are also bright and lively, ideal for a children’s birthday party.

Decorations for the Pizza Party: how to set up the scenography?

The first image that comes to mind when thinking of a pizzeria is the classic red and white checkered tablecloth. It is also the typical tablecloth of diners, rural farms, and all genuine and familiar places. This is why I chose it to set up the table, decorating it with real tomatoes, basil, rosemary and large ears of corn. A true spectacle of fresh produce! Finally, I made the atmosphere even more characteristic with flags, in the colors of the Italian flag.

What to wear to a Pizza Party?

When I organize a party, I always think about the outfit for the birthday boy and the guests. The outfit is an integral part of the fun, and children love to dress up. Obviously the guests come already dressed as they prefer, but it is always better to add some details to let them be fully in the mood. For the football-themed Pizza Party I planned two different outfits: an apron for the painting and cooking workshops, and a football shirt for the final game.

Gadget for the Pizza Party guests

Gifts are never lacking in a children’s birthday party. In addition to those the birthday kid receive, it is nice to thank the party participants with small welcome gadgets. For the Pizza Party I welcomed the guests with toy pizzas in customised boxes. A little gift to take home to remember the most delicious party ever and the time spent together.

What games do you organize at a Pizza-themed birthday party?

A Pizza Party is always fun, but a truly memorable party also needs themed games to entertain children. For José’s birthday party, I came up with workshops to entertain all the guests. If you expect a lot of people to be there, you can do as I did, and divide the children into groups to better manage the event. I divided the guests into 3 groups of 10 who took turns in the workshops. A painting workshop to go wild with colors, a kitchen workshop to have fun making pizza and, of course, the soccer game! The result was a success and everyone participated enthusiastically.

Would you like to organize a kid’s birthday party, and do you need help or advice? Contact me and I’ll be happy to help you set up a dream party!

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