How to celebrate Christmas and New Year with a perfect look for every occasion.

Christmas is finally on its way: the atmosphere warms up the rigours of winter and the streets shine with multicoloured lights. On these occasions, shine is a must, to pay homage to the festivities with the right charge of charm and energy. Red and gold are the colors of the moment: the first warm and bright, to revive the winter shades, the second precious and harbinger of good wishes.

But what is the ideal look for the dinners and meetings that follow one another non-stop? Here are the tips of your “Party Stylist” to celebrate Christmas and New Year with the class that distinguishes you.

How to dress for Christmas: ideas for lunches and dinners with friends

Christmas is the day of sharing par excellence. In addition to the inevitable lunch or dinner with relatives, there are plenty of opportunities to meet with friends and colleagues, to wish each other good luck and exchange gifts. This is the occasion to show off themed looks, personalized according to your own style but with an eye to tradition. Among the trends of autumn/winter 2018- 2019, the ideal one is definitely the tartan. Available in many versions, the Nordic pattern of the checkered fabric is a concentration of elegance and joy that will highlight you naturally. Choose it for jackets and trousers, or for magnificent coats with a spectacular effect. If you are the one organizing the party, use it also to set up the table, with tablecloths or napkins, without exceeding in the pendant.

The second colour that cannot be missed is, of course, Christmas red. Wonderful to enhance your look and make you even more irresistible. Decline it in clothes and coats that can ignite the atmosphere, or choose it for shoes, bags and accessories, perhaps to match with the tartan.

Eighteenth and birthdays in December: trends and colors to choose from

Is December also the month of your birthday? And that’s all the more reason to be extraordinary. The winter colour trends come to your aid, with bright and seductive shades at the same time. A must always impeccable and impressive is undoubtedly the long red dress, to be made even more bold with transparencies, lace and necklines. The sheer red Valentino dress is the perfect example of this outfit. Even gold, with precious embroideries and glittering fabrics, is a color not to be underestimated. Use it also for decorations: it will be a literally brilliant birthday.

How to dress up on New Year’s Eve: outfits and details for a shiny look

Last but not least, the New Year’s party awaits us. How to dress for dinner? On this occasion, more than ever, you can wrap yourself in a golden allure. The green light is therefore given to lurex fabrics and shiny gold and silver, to be worn in sophisticated long or very short mini-dresses. Isn’t comfort an optional extra for you? Then opt for spectacular palace pants with silver sequins, combined with a warm maxi-mesh. The table, of course, should not be outdone: glitz and sophistication are not only granted but highly recommended.

Would you like to receive personalized advice on how to dress on Christmas and New Year’s Eve or other special occasions? Contact me for an image consultancy tailored to you.
I will help you to interpret the fashion trends of the moment and to decline them according to your style and the Christmas holidays!


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