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Personal Shopper in Florence, Forte dei Marmi and Prato

Testata Personal Shopper

I will be your personal shopping assistant: always in step with the times, up-to-date with the latest trends, I will help you choose the right thing for all occasions, while optimizing time and staying within the budget.. It will be like going shopping with a friend who knows her way around. I will take you to the shops, showrooms, street markets or factory outlets where you will find what you wish for. Everything from fashion to design objects, with some precious beauty advice too.
As a personal shopper, the first step is to get to know each other before your arrival and plan together an exclusive shopping experience: do you want to discover the best of Italian fashion, perhaps by purchasing a haute-couture dress or custom-made shoes? Do you prefer something a bit more trendy and street-style? Don’t hesitate to ask, I can make your any fashion dream come true.
I will come and pick you up at your hotel or wherever you request with my car and we will set out on our shopping tour. On foot, if we choose a short-distance route, or we can have a chauffeur take us around shopping if we plan a longer trip. The shop owners I work with are usually dear friends and I will share with you the privileged treatment I receive: exclusive preview of the new collections and at the time that best suits our schedule. I fluently speak three languages- English, Italian and Spanish– so we can be on easy and friendly terms from the start. For any other language need, I can make arrangements for a translation service. If we are having lunch together, I will book some chic and special restaurants that only insiders know about!

Personal Shopper for her

For a few days we will be best friends and I will suggest subtle changes that make a difference to your appearance. Limited-edition pieces, special discounts, shop openings after office hours: as your personal shopper, I will let you into my world which is made up of friends and fashion partners with whom I have built special relationships over the years. I will help you find and define your style, by choosing the outfits that enhance your look, make you feel more attractive and at ease. I will suggest some must-have pieces, studied to suit your needs and budget and optimize your time. I will also take care of makeup and hairstyling, seeking solutions customized to your requirements. I will help you reorganize your wardrobe, pack the perfect suitcase and choose the look that best suits your professional goals. Any wedding ceremony or anniversary celebration coming up? No worries, I will be by your side to find some super chic and original solutions.
Contact me and tell me your wishes, I will make them come true!

Personal Shopper for him

A well-groomed look expresses elegance, good taste and self-confidence, qualities that allow you to stand out in all circumstances. If you do not have much time to choose and buy the garments that best fit your look, I will help you define your style and choose the items that are a must in a men’s wardrobe. Bespoke suits by the best Tuscan tailor’s shops, linen and cotton shirts, fine cashmere sweaters: I will let you in on my secret suppliers, the guardians of a savoir faire handed down from one generation to the next. They are more than business acquaintances, they are friends, and together we will cover your style needs, while keeping an eye on your budget. A business trip or major event coming up? No problem, I will help you pack your bag, choose the right look and style. An on-demand tailoring service will reach you wherever you are: I will bring a color card, fabrics and a professional tailor who will create the perfect suit. Shoes are the number one accessory that is worth investing in: my secret shoemakers will make you fall in love with the “handmade”.

Useful tips for children

Even getting dressed can be a wonderful game to play with your kids! Useful advice, practical shopping tips and low budget for those who keep growing but need a perfect look on all occasions. As your Personal Shopper, I will help you find a look for your kids that is fun, fashionable and comfortable at the same time. Always up to date with latest childrenswear trends out of my passion for fashion and dedication to family, I know exactly where to find the best bargains, sales and factory stores for the little ones. Even online. Together we will upgrade their wardrobe, pick out the items you can hand down to your younger kids, come up with terrific ideas for their birthday or Halloween parties. Contact me, I’m looking forward to meeting you!

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