Tips to match the Living Coral color in parties, fashion and makeup.

Spring has finally exploded into bright days and multicoloured blooms. What better shade than Living Coral, Pantone 2019 color, to pay homage to vitality? Lively and effervescent, the coral shade chosen by Pantone is both warm and delicate. A colour capable of infusing energy and reassurance, two qualities that are indispensable in an age of incessant change. This precious duality is the basis of its success. Ideal combined with cheerful and radiant tones, Living Coral blends harmoniously with more introspective and sophisticated colours. Let’s see how to use the color Pantone 2019 in the next spring/summer, from special occasions to everyday outfits, through to make-up.

Parties and wedding: a radiant spring coral.

If you’re planning a party or wedding to organize, Living Coral is your best ally. Livening, without being aggressive, the Pantone 2019 color puts everyone at ease and increases sociality. It also has a fabulous aesthetic impact. Choose it without fear for the long dresses of celebrants or bridesmaids. Roses matching the bouquet or decorating the table, match it with yellow tulips, vitaminic oranges and white ceramics, making the atmosphere sparkling like a good cocktail. The touch of class? Cutlery and golden details, to resume the golden shade of this shade.

Make Up Living Coral: that’s who looks good.

You fell in love with the Living Coral color and you want to show it also in your make up? Your beauty waits for nothing else. The coral in the shade chosen by Pantone is perfect for a light and enchanting makeup at the same time. Metal eyeshadows with golden shades, combined with a black mascara, make the eyes intriguing and sensual. Living Coral enamels are feminine without excesses, while coral lipstick is a true centralizer of looks. If you prefer a softer effect, you can choose a lip gloss version. The coral blush is given the go-ahead to enliven the face with romantic cheeks, but pay attention to the complexion. Living Coral is ideally suited to those who belong to the spring and autumn colour seasons, with warm, peach-coloured colours. If you have a very light skin, it is better to choose it in more pink tones.

Living Coral in clothing: watch out for street style.

Influencers and fashion bloggers go crazy for the Living Coral color. Peeking at their outfits is a good starting point to get inspired in the combinations. Some people choose to combine it with elegant contrasting shades and others are not afraid of an exuberant total look ton sur ton. If you prefer combinations, you can opt for similar colours, such as pink, for a fresh spring look. Or, you can dare with cooler and more complementary shades, such as blue and sky blue. Giving your style an original touch.


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