Tips from the Party Stylist for a birthday party in February.

Three princesses for three personalities.

Do you celebrate your birthday in February? Consider yourself lucky. February is a very magical month, poised between the romantic aura of Valentine’s Day and the mysterious charm of Carnival. It is no coincidence that the Aquarius girls are distinguished by their dreamy nature and the unstoppable impulse to freedom. Infringing the established schemes and rules, they rely on their imagination to discover new paths and experiment with new lifestyles. That’s why the perfect theme for a birthday in February can only be a Carnival Party at the Palace. The ideal opportunity to make the impossible real and play with the imagination. Tailor-made disguise is a matter of personality: here are three Princesses to be inspired by according to your inner nature.

Birthday in February in pink: romantic as Aurora

If you have a romantic nature and spend your days daydreaming, Princess Aurora is your ideal disguise. Confident and feminine, but also irresistibly attracted to new things, get ready to live a fairy tale in pink. Pink, in fact, is the romantic color par excellence, ideal for Valentine’s Day. But also capable of expressing vitality and mutual need for tenderness. Like the sweet Elle Fanning in Maleficent, choose a romantic chic dress that highlights your natural beauty. Lace, embroidery and soft ruffles will wrap you like delicate petals. The green light is given in small ways, like a neckline with soft pon pon and sparkling tiaras in your loose hair. To make everything less childish and more intriguing, remember the power of transparencies. Pink and white will also triumph on the table, amiably embellished with ribbons and bows. Crystal and silver are ideal companions, while the chosen flower can only be the rose.

Eighteenth in February in heavenly: spiritual like Cinderella

Silent and meditative? Your kind and patient nature, but also spiritually elevated, allows you to embody a perfect Cinderella. Like Lily James in Cinderella, surround yourself with blue, the color that symbolizes infinity, depth and high spheres. A light blue dress, with a wide skirt in tulle or organza, a tight bust and bare shoulders, will make you unattainable princesses. The touch of style, needless to say, are the shoes. Jimmy Choo has created a Cinderella model, strictly by hand and only to order. Sapphire and aquamarine are the stones to choose from for pendants and tiaras, while the flower for the table is undoubtedly the blue hydrangea.

Birthday in February in yellow: as sunny as Belle

If you have a sensitive and introverted character, for your birthday in February dress as Belle. The princess who loves reading and knowledge is also the one who expresses more energy and enterprising curiosity. The color to choose naturally is yellow, bright and sunny as your intellect. Declined in a large dress with embroidered corset, to shine like Emma Watson in Beauty and The Beast. Patent leather neckline and a gold pendant will complete your princely look. For the table, go ahead with daisies and yellow roses, to gracefully match the white of the tablecloth. And, I recommend, don’t forget teapots and candlesticks to pay homage to Mrs Bric and the irresistible Lumière.

Would you like some more advice for your birthday, Valentine’s Day or your Carnival party?
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