Do you want to organize an unforgettable party but you have little time to plan everything? Have you ever thought of using a party planner?In recent times we often hear about the new professional figure of the party planner who today more and more people rely on for the organization of events and celebrations such as the birthday party of their child or any other celebration.

But what exactly does a party planner do? What are the advantages for people who decide to turn to this figure? Let’s find out together!

Party planner: what is it and what are its skills

A party planner is a professional who specializes in the organization of a party. This precious figure accompanies the customer step by step planning in detail everything that revolves around the event: location, theme of the party, food and beverage, preparation, decorations.

What are the basic requirements that a good party planner must have? Certainly excellent organizational skills, attention to detail, experience in the field and above all a lot of creativity. When planning a party, despite having planned everything carefully, the unexpected is always around the corner, just for this reason it is important to rely on a real professional able to handle the situation and ensure that nothing spoils the party.

How does a party planner work?

After being contacted by the customer, an appointment is made to discuss the type of party you want to organize. At a later stage, once you understand what kind of celebration it is, what are the tastes, desires and needs of the customer, the party planner proposes some themes for the party. Once the theme has been chosen and a budget has been defined, the party planner proceeds with the actual planning of the event: the location, the setting up and the scenography and the catering are chosen. The party planner accompanies the client from the very first planning phase and follows him throughout the entire organizational phase until the arrival of the guests. In this way he will be able to keep everything under control and personally ensure that the party is a success. Guests will experience a unique and unforgettable moment.

Who are your clients? Who decides to rely on a party planner?

The people who turn to this figure are the mothers who want to organize a memorable party, save time and get to the party without any kind of stress. To date, the advice of the party planner is required primarily for the organization of ceremonies such as baptisms, communions, confirmations and especially for birthday parties for children and young people up to eighteen years.

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The advantages of contacting a party planner

Why go to a party professional? The main advantages are:

  • Saving time:
    organizing a party takes time. Those who rely on a professional will save time by avoiding arriving at the stressed party.
  • Coordination of all activities:
    the party planner will manage all activities concerning each phase of the party. The customer can enjoy the party without any thought or concern, his only task will be to entertain guests, enjoy the food and have fun!
  • Creating an unforgettable party:
    no matter what you celebrate and what the occasion is, whether it’s a children’s party or an eighteenth, the party must be unforgettable for the customer and his guests. Thanks to a personal consultation, the party planner will be able to organize the perfect party according to the tastes and ideas of the customers.
  • Respecting the budget:
    one of the activities of the party planner is to respect the budget agreed with the client. When you organize an event in total autonomy without turning to an expert figure, it can happen that due to unforeseen events and additional expenses not previously considered, you touch the budget. Thanks to the party planner, the client will no longer have to worry about recouping the costs.

Are you thinking of organizing a party and want everything to be perfect? Contact me for a consultation, we will consider together how to make your party memorable!


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