Looking for ideas for birthday parties for children aged 10 years? Find out how to organize a truly global soccer-themed party.

Does your child turn old in August? Among the best ideas for birthday parties for children aged 10 years, the themed football party is ideal for the summer. Funny and dynamic, it embodies the whole spirit of outdoor games and stimulates aggregation. It is also perfect for entertaining fifth grade children, full of energy and a desire to get involved. Here are all the useful tips for organizing a birthday party themed football worthy of a real bomber.

How to organize a soccer-themed birthday party.

Birthdays in August are always an unknown because many friends leave for the summer holidays. The soccer themed birthday party has the advantage of arousing enthusiasm even in the newly met friends, as happens if you celebrate on holiday. The overwhelming majority of 10-year-olds love to put themselves in the shoes of their sporting idols. To organise a textbook football themed party, you will of course give preference to your child’s favourite team. But take the others into consideration so that everyone feels included. To make sure you’re not caught unprepared, plan ahead for each of these points:

  • The location of the party
  • Preferred colours
  • Decorations
  • Clothes and accessories
  • Gadgets for guests
  • The buffet
  • Games and animation

Where to organize a birthday party themed football.

The ideal location for a soccer-themed party can only be outdoors. A real soccer field is sure to impress children with the ball. But you can also organise it in a communal garden, subject to permission. Children can play in the green and you don’t have to pay the rent for the location. The main thing is to leave everything clean once the party is over.

Football theme party: which colours?

The choice of colors is a delicate one. At a soccer-themed birthday party, no color is really neutral. The advice is to move on to those of the team of the heart of the celebrated. They will be the colors to prefer for most of the decorations. You can also give space to the green of the field and the black and white of the soccer ball.

Birthday party decorations with a football theme.

Now it’s time to think about the other teams as well. Get flags and scarves from all teams, at least the main ones, to create a stadium-like atmosphere. Also wide to mini balloons and trophies to be placed on the table and themed balloons to hang a bit ‘everywhere. Children will feel at the centre of a real championship.

Clothes and accessories for the soccer-themed party.

How to dress up at a soccer-themed party? The party attire of the birthday boy is, of course, the t-shirt of the favourite team with matching shorts. Be sure to choose the one with the number and name of your favourite player so that he or she can fit into the character. On her special day she deserves to dream big.

Gift ideas for guests: your favourite gadgets.

In a birthday party for children in fifth grade can not miss the gadgets for guests. Considering the theme of the party the ideal are small objects that recall the world of football. Medals, cups and key rings in the shape of a ball will allow you to go on the safe side even without knowing the teams in the heart of each guest.

Food & Drink: the buffet for the football-themed party.

The budding footballers will be very hungry. Running around behind a ball is sure to give you an appetite. In addition, given the season, there will be plenty of liquid to quench thirst. So you can rely on nutritious carbohydrates, such as pizzas and crushes, accompanied by plenty of fresh water and fruit juices at will.

Games and fun for a birthday party themed football.

Fun is the soul of every party and, even if children have a lot of imagination, it is always better to stimulate it by providing games. In this case the choice is a must: the ball is the protagonist. Sports games are the best solution to entertain young guests and allow them to go wild. Children of 10 years are really unstoppable and the space available will encourage movement. The grand finale? A football game, of course.

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