Long awaited, like every year, here is finally the Pantone spring summer 2021 color palette. The shades chosen by the major international institution in terms of color trends are varied and irresistible, perfect to satisfy every style need. From the evergreen pastel tones, to the more opaque and sophisticated nuances, up to the bright colors that go well with the summer. Here is the complete palette for your spring and summer clothes.

All Pantone spring summer 2021 colors for your outfits.

Pirouette: la Vie en Rose

A soft and feminine pink, delicate like peach blossoms. Pirouette is one of many pastel shades making a big comeback this season. Definitely romantic, it’s the ideal color for lace or tulle dresses, and for the first hours of spring days. But you can also choose it for long skirts, sweaters, accessories, and even trench coats. The total look is absolutely recommended, perhaps by playing on textures and fabrics. If you’ve always dreamed of feeling like a Barbie, your time has finally come.

Pickled Pepper: natural elegance

A pickled green, sweet and pungent at the same time, as Pantone describes it. Pickled Pepper is the shade of acid and cold green, ready to give a touch of elegance to your cocktail dresses. From the shorter and more glamorous, to the sophisticated midi, up to the softer and sportier dresses. The choice of how to wear this precious natural shade is up to you.

Purple Rose: fairytale romance

It’s called Purple Rose, and it’s super feminine, just like its name. Here is another pastel shade from the spring summer 2021 colors, you can choose for your outfits. Purple Rose is a delicate lilac, ideal to give a fresh touch to short linen dresses, or to embellish long tulle and organza dresses. A real princess look, with which magnificent jewel shoes are a must.

Orange Ochre: hot summer

A typical summery color, fabulous on tanned skin. Orange Ocher is a warm brick orange for hot summer days. Choose it to ignite short, low-cut dresses, like the one Zendaya wears. Add a scarf in this nuance to your outfit for an even more exotic touch. Green light for shoes, jewelry and wide-brimmed hats, to face the summer with the necessary splendor.

Beach Glass: a regenerative dive

Fresh like the crystal waters of the Caribbean beaches, Beach Glass is the color that immediately evokes the waves of the sea. A teal green, very close to the classic Tiffany, to easy wear for your everyday routine. Choose it for an office suit, for a breath of fresh air, or for morning appointments. To be paired with a feminine sabot and matching jewels, such as the Tiffany heart.

Marigold: zen sunshine

Again an orange color that you can show off on sunny days, this time with a shade of intense yellow. Marigold is a bright and therapeutic color like the flower it refers to. Perfect for illuminating the outfit through accessories. Choose it for original shiny heels or chic mini handbags, like the model proposed by Versace.

Índigo Bunting: ready to take flight

Indigo Bunting is inspired by a small bird from South America with bright blue plumage. Just like this intense and fascinating shade, chosen by Pantone for spring summer 2021. Wear it with long and loose dresses that enhance its nuances and will make you feel free and light like the bunting whose name it bears. A real pleasure of the senses that will accompany you on hot days with a refreshing effect.

Lava Falls: explosive nuance

Glowing and refined, Lava Falls is the most volcanic and passionate Pantone color. What better color to face the summer with an overwhelming charisma? Choose this burnt red, dark and intense, for suits that are both gritty and elegant at the same time, like the one worn by Gigi Hadid. Low-cut jackets and palazzo pants in this shade will give your look an irresistible charm.

Have you already found your favorite shades for the season? If you have any doubts about which is the most suitable shade for you, contact me privately for a personalized consultation.

Illuminating: light up the season

Illuminating light yellow is the color of the year 2021 chosen by Pantone. Not surprisingly, it was even worn by Amanda Gorman for the inauguration of the President of the United States of America. It was absolutely the right choice to recite her enlightening poem. You can wear it on jackets, pants or day dresses. In total look or with some red, white or light blue garments.

Blue Atoll: holiday blue

A summer morning clear blue color, that of Blue Atoll for this season. But also the color of the coral lagoons, with an equal regenerating effect on the psyche. For a spring summer in the name of peace, this is truly a must-have shade. Choose it for jeweled shoes or fluttering skirts, with a refined and fresh effect at the same time. Or wear it on a suit with jacket and trousers, with an orange shirt to create a complementary matching contrast.

Baby’s Breath: candid class

In the Pantone 2021 color palette there is no shortage of neutral tones: Baby’s Breath is one of them, a cream color with a hint of gray. Its classic and refined nuance makes it the ideal white for wedding dresses. If you’re planning on getting married this spring summer, choose a lace dress in this shade for a romantic and vintage touch.

Macchiato: vintage practicality

For those who love velvety shades, Macchiato is a soft and elegant brown, to be worn every day. Choose it for wide, high-waisted linen trousers to be matched with a crop top and flat slippers. Very impressive also for comfortable soft shirts, to be worn with jeans for a practical and masculine outfit. The perfect accessory? The vintage-style brown leather bag.

Polar Night: sidereal elegance

Do summer palettes always leave you unsatisfied because you would wear black even in August? Pantone has decided to listen to you. Polar Night is a deep blue that fades into black. A real new entry for the summer, breaking up with the Pantone proposals of the past years. What about the combinations? Black, as we know, is an extremely elegant pass- partout. Choose it for office looks, in loose cropped pants and light materials, such as cotton and linen, perhaps accompanied by seductive sunglasses. After all, it’s the hot season!

Ultimate Grey: professional reliability

The second Pantone color of the year 2021, along with Illuminating, is Ultimate Gray. Reassuring, sober, refinedly calm. The elegant stability of this full gray color accompanies you in spring and summer with the class typical of this color. Wear it in suits with jacket and trousers, combined with silver sneakers for a smart touch.

Sphagnum: sophisticated naturalness

Green lovers have a few extra strings to their bow. Sphagnum is the moss green chosen by Pantone for spring summer. Almost a military green, to be combined with brown for a Safari touch. Opaque and classy, it is perfect for patterned shirts, for an ethnic chic look.

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