Torn in two. Between the desire to stay protected, and that of returning to the world. Craving intimate dinners, but also dreaming of going dancing. Longing for the past and at the same time a return to the future. In a time still suspended between what we are and what we were, this fall-winter 21/22’s fashion goes likes thisat two speeds, with quilted coats that look like armor, and fire-red shoes that recall the sparkling 2000s, when the world seemed to be at our feet.

So get ready to dress up your double soul, waiting to decide which side you want to be on…



Main stage for all-over leather: coats, jackets, skirts, trousers. Better if eco, but of the highest quality. To be matched with oversized sweaters in bright and dense colors.  


Knitwear is another important chapter of the season: large, very comfortable and colorful, or hyper sensual and tight like a second skin for knee-length dresses and skirts. Mini and Maxi: another seasonal theme with which you can decline any garment or accessory, and above all perfect to mix together.  

Miniskirt and maxi blazer

The perfect match: miniskirt and maxi blazer, to highlight the legs, true protagonists of winter. To the 90s we steal the overlaps: shirts over bustiers, pants under minidresses. All black, in full 90s style, or with an overlapping of prints and colors.

Cropped tops

From the 2000s we borrow cropped tops, to be matched with skirts and pants with a very low waist, that is finally back; and denim, the protagonist with dresses, shirts and palazzo or boyfriend jeans.


Our wanderlust can be read in the sky mood and oversized coats, which seem to take us to distant lands and great colds. That of returning to being productive and professionally active in formal and impeccable overcoats and in suits reminiscent of Sigourney Weaver in Working Girl.


The colors have a double soul too: on the one hand, vitamin and energetic, the palette of yellows (color of the year), fuchsia, green, blue, orange … red also for very bold and sexy shoes; on the other, brown, the new black, and all shades of gray.  


If we talk about accessories we must start with the foulard: from head to hips, knot as much as possible. A bandana, like Jackie in Capri in the 60s…. Or, marvellously, like Silvana Mangano in Bitter Rice, a delicate homage to our rice-workers.


The bags are soft and buttery, along the footsteps of Bottega Veneta’s Paddle which has abandoned the classic weave and invented a style. On the head a beret, parisienne-style, and Plateau shoes that Priscilla from the famous movie would love, or authentic Texans, even a little dusty. If you are homesick, the friulane shoes with fur are always a good idea!    

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