Do you want to organize your child’s party but have no idea where to start? You don’t have much time to dedicate to the planning of the party or you don’t know what theme to choose? Do you want a party with attention to detail where you child’s fun is guaranteed? If the answer to all these questions is “yes” you are in the right place! I will be happy to organize your party and make it unforgettable for you and your child!

The Party Planner servize

With my party planner service I will help you organize an exclusive party, where everything will be organized in detail. My secret to the success of the party? Leave nothing to chance! Thanks to my kids, Ines and José, I learned to organize parties, by taking care of all the phases: from the arrangements, to the welcoming of the guests.

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How does the party planner service work

In the initial phase, we will get to know each other, only then will I be able to understand what your needs are and your child’s needs are, and above all what kind of party you wish to organize. Afterwards, we will decide together the theme of the party, the location and the budget. Once all this has been defined, based on our agreed budget, I will take care of the party planning (food and beverage, lights, activities, make-up etc … working with other trusted professionals), and of ordering the scenographic material according to the theme chosen. The day of the party, I will set up the location and once everything is ready, I will stay with you until the guests arrive, and even afterwards. In this way, I will be able to keep everything under control and make sure that the party continues in the best way, while you are free to welcome the guests without any kind of stress, and enjoy the party with your child.

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Why choose me as a Party Planner

  • With my children I learned to plan exclusive parties not only for their birthdays but also for other occasions or for recreational activities like pajama parties, painting workshops, baking cakes and biscuits. All these activities allowed me to experiment and test my organizational skills to obtain the skills I need today for the organization of unforgettable parties with a large number of guests;
  • I am a very patient person who is able to listen to all your requests in order to satisfy your needs. We will choose together the theme of the party according to the tastes of your child in order to make his/her party memorable;
  • Because you will not have to worry about anything, thanks to my organizational skills I will be able to manage everything, from the planning phase to the guests’ arrival;
  • I specialized in the field, following professional party planner training courses.

The benefits for my clients

  • You will give your child a unique and unforgettable party;
  • You will save time;
  • You will have a personalized party, in which nothing is left out;
  • Your party will be exclusive, where the fun will be guaranteed;
  • You can rest assured that the selected products are of the highest quality;
  • You will receive assistance throughout the party;
  • You will have a set-up and dismantling service;
  • You will have at your disposal equipment and providers for the party activities;
  • The agreed budget will be respected without any kind of additional expense, as it always happens in the planning of the parties that I organize.

For more information or to book your first meeting, do not hesitate to contact me.

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