The choice was much awaited for, and the Pantone 2021 color definitely lived up to the expectations. Indeed, pairing up for the occasion. The shades decided for this year by the highest authority in the field of colors are in fact two: “Ultimate Gray” and “Illuminating”. The reason for this double option? After a difficult year like 2020, the need for colors is strong. With this palette, Pantone wanted to outline a year of strength and hope. The calm and elegant stability of a full gray and the luminous sunshine of yellow. A pair that, of course, is also in the name of chromatic harmony and is already preparing to be a hit among designer catalogs and fashion catwalks. But how can we combine the two Pantone 2021 colors in our everyday life?

Here are my tips for your trendy choices, from outfits to decor, to parties and ceremonies.

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Pantone 2021 colors in fashion: how to match them for a super chic outfit.

If you have no idea how to wear Pantone’s 2021 colors, here are some tips. These are actually two rather original shades, especially when considered as a match. But the result will definitely surprise you, because the sober class of the Ultimate Gray color, lit by the Illuminating yellow, will make your look shine. Choose it especially for sporty and streetwear outfits, with skinny jeans or Ultimate Gray palazzo pants, paired with blazers or long Illuminating yellow coats. For a casual look, soft Illuminating trousers with a checked jacket in shades of gray will make you look fashionable and dynamic at the same time. If, on the other hand, you don’t fear bolder solutions, choose Illuminating yellow for a magnificent coat with two-tone fringes and pockets. Which accessories go with it? White sneakers, and a white or black bag.

How to use Pantone 2021 colors for home decor

Have you decided to take advantage of the new year for a home makeover? The good news is that Pantone 2021 colors seem to be made specifically to enhance home decor. For a truly spectacular interior design you can use Ultimate Gray for walls and floors. The deep gray chosen by Pantone is the perfect shade both for a modern and refined living room, and to give relaxation to the environment. To avoid a monotonous effect, play with textures and different shades of color, then add a touch of light with Illuminating. For example, use it for curtains or cushions, or for design seats that stand out. Or, again, disseminate the Illuminating yellow with furnishing accessories, such as cups or trays to show off at the right moment. The “bright” effect is guaranteed.

How to organize a party in Pantone 2021 colors

Among the great hopes for this year there is also that of being able to return to celebrate, in safety. And when that will happen, we certainly don’t want to be unprepared! But how can we set up a party in Pantone 2021 colors? To achieve a perfect balance between charm and fun, I recommend that you use Illuminating with greater generosity than for the decor. Make way for bright yellow tablecloths, decorations, bon bon in jars and pastries, without forgetting the flowers in tone, for a fresh and sunny atmosphere. Ultimate Gray, in all its shades, will be perfect for silver balloons, place cards and metal details, or satin ribbons to decorate the risers.You can also use the two colors for flags, icings and cupcakes, to achieve the perfect overall harmony. And what about the party dessert? A very sweet mimosa cake!

Ceremony with pantone colors 2021: how to dose them for a dream-like effect

Are you planning on using Illuminating and Ultimate Gray to celebrate your special event as well? You couldn’t make a better choice, because Pantone 2021 colors are perfect for a ceremony. That unique mix of elegance and vitality is also ideal for setting up a wedding, precisely because it combines the stability of gray with a more sparkling touch. Choose it to celebrate a country-style ceremony with a not too formal style. You can use an Illuminating tablecloth, paired with an Ultimate Gray set with gold cutlery. To lit up the room, place flowers and candles in a warmer yellow shade: they will be a great combination. Illuminating will also be a perfect color for bridesmaids’ dresses, which will form a yellow corolla with the bride in white in the middle. The groom will be able to show it off to the maximum in his tie, to break the seriousness of a suit in an irresistible deep gray.

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