All the tips to organize a birthday party or a summer party for children and teenagers, with an unforgettable style.

Are you thinking of organizing a summer party for your child? Whatever the occasion, it is always great to celebrate outdoors taking advantage of the summer days.. But how can you organize a dream party to entertain kids and adults? Here are three summer party ideas to draw inspiration from, to win over guests and create a unique atmosphere. From the country-style picnic to the Shabby Chic party, up to a fantastic Gipsy-style party. Choose the style that best represents you and discover all the tips for the location and decorations.

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Picnic, Gipsy Party or Shabby Chic Party? 3 stylish ideas to organize a summer party for children.

Picnic or Country Party: carefree

Is there anything better than sitting on the grass and having a snack together surrounded by nature? Picnics have always been every child’s favorite experiences. Choose this idea for your kid’s summer party if you want to create a fun and genuine atmosphere, in full Country style. For the location choose a public garden, perhaps more secluded than the city center. It will be quieter and you will have more space available. If you live in Tuscany, near Florence and Prato, you will be spoiled for choice. Prepare the location with the inevitable red and white checkered tablecloths, many flags, balloons and colored cushions. Add wooden fruit crates to hold the buffet and, of course, wicker picnic baskets! For snacks, prepare sandwiches with different fillings, fruit juices and a homemade cake, a jam tart. The ideal outfit for your child will simply be shorts and s t-shirt, to play outdoors in complete comfort. One of the advantages of a similar party is that the animation will come spontaneously: run around the meadows and, for the little ones, a nice ‘round and round we go! The perfect gadget for guests? A colorful mini pinwheel in memory of outdoor races.

Gipsy or Boho Chic party: free spirit

Would you like to organize a summer party with an exotic and original taste? Go for the Gipsy or Boho Chic party. Perfect for budding artists, small creatives and children who love to dream. If you live just outside the city or around Prato and Florence you will surely have a garden where to celebrate. The Boho style evokes breathtaking sunsets, outdoor life and Indo-American culture. So recreate this atmosphere by mixing natural elements, such as green plants, with robust materials such as wood. Decorate the garden with dream catchers, feathers and rough fabrics such as jute, combined with pastel colors like pink, lilac, yellow, green and blue. For clothes, choose a white linen dress for girls, with a wreath or tiara of flowers, and loose pants and a white shirt for boys. Prepare a fresh and natural buffet, based on fruit salad, jars of yogurt and naked-style cake. The perfect gadget for guests can only be soap bubbles, to let imagination run wild. And for the animation? Creative workshops of necklaces and painting, of course!

Shabby Chic party: romantic

Do you want to organize a birthday summer party with a retro taste? The Shabby Chic Party is your solution. Its romantic atmosphere is what you are looking for to create magic. The ideal location is the vegetable garden of a house in the countryside, with its timeless dimension. In the Tuscan hills there are many to choose from, and if you are lucky enough you can set up your party there. The decorations will be rustic and delicate, such as flowers, lace, rough canvases, old containers mixed with vintage items. Inspired by soft colors like pink, light blue, beige and ivory and keep white as the main shade. The perfect outfit will be a Bon Ton style flowered cotton dress for girls and shorts with a white linen shirt for boys. For the buffet, go-ahead with some fruit, crudité with fresh vegetables from the garden and a fabulous meringue pie. To welcome guests, choose instead a lavender-scented sachet or a sprig of fragrant mint. For animation, a particularly popular idea is the plant sowing workshop. Get small colored jars, soil and basil seeds, parsley or other aromatic plants. Each child can sow their seedling and take it home in memory of a special party.

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