Are you on holiday in Florence and don’t know which stores to visit? When you’re on vacation, you don’t like to go shopping and waste too much time? You never know what to buy when you are in a new city? Do you want to discover the most sought after shops and typical local products?

Don’t panic, the ideal solution is to hire a personal shopper to help you and assist you in your shopping. Here are 4 good reasons!

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4 reasons why you should rely on me

1. You will have a personalized service

I like, even if just for a day, to become part of the lives of my clients, understand their passions and personality. All this helps me to understand what their needs are in order to be able to offer a service aimed at creating the right look. What makes me really happy is to see people satisfied and at ease with the outfits I offer them, which confirms my passion for my work.

2. You will always look your best

Relying on a professional shopper will allow you to take home unique and exclusive Made in Italy garments. Choosing what to buy and having the right garment for every occasion is important, but be careful not to neglect your style, the dress or any other accessory must always reflect your person, that’s the only way you will be authentic. Through my advice, you will know which and when to wear the perfect dress to always look your best!

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3. You will receive advice from an external and objective eye

Often, when you go shopping with friends or with your own partner, you do not always receive objective opinions on how a garment looks on you. Not all clothes are suitable for certain figures, my task will be precisely that of advising those that most enhance your figure and your features, and why not, hide some small flaws (we all have them!). I will suggest you what to buy and what the right cuts and colors are for you.

4. You will understand what your real style is

Every person has his/her own style but not everyone has full awareness of it. The clothes must reflect the personality of the wearer. Thanks to my stylistic method, together with my advice you will identify what your style really is.

If you are looking for a personal shopper, you are in the right place!

Do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to guide you in your purchases.

I am Dalahi Ortiz Personal Shopper and Image Consultant in Florence.
Unlike many other personal shoppers who only organize classic shopping tours, I create shopping routes combined with image consultancy that will allow you to have shopping assistance with objective advice based on your colors, your appearance and your style so as to best express your personality through your clothes. To feel as close as possible to how you really are.

If you are in Florence and want to organize a personalized shopping itinerary and find the right clothing for your personality and style, contact me.

Phone: 339 4689167

And discover your shopping tour together!


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