Hawaiian party: 8 useful tips for throwing a Hawaiian Luau

From colors to venues, from clothes to decorations:tips for a perfect Hawaiian birthday party

Are you looking for the perfect birthday party idea? A luau is a must for any summer birthday. What better theme to exalt the colors, joy and spirt of summer with an exotic and original touch? A Birthday Luau is a hit especially with little girls thanks to its flowers and lively hues. But how? Here are some inspiring tips.

Children’s Luau: how to decorate

Location, location, location. The first thing to consider is where to throw your Hawaiian Birthday Party Luau. Hawaii evokes sun, sea and flowers. Ideally, the party should be held outside, for example in the green majesty of a park. Otherwise, you might also hold it poolside or, if you have enough space, in your own backyard. Don’t forget to have an indoor backup in case of rain. The sun doesn’t shine all the time, even in Hawaii.

Festa Hawaiana - Dalahi

The Perfect Luau Colors

When it comes to a Luau, it’s all about colors! Choose warm and solar colors like orange, yellow and pink, alternating with a natural green. It’s important to apply to to a myriad of details, from table settings to decorations, from fruit to name tags. Even clothes and appropriate accessories are important. A kaleidoscope of lively colors is the first step to fun.

Festa Hawaiana - Dalahi

Hawaiian decorations: a world to explore

Color will be the foundation of your decorations. Be sure to pick a main color as a guide for your tables and decorations but don’t forget to accompany it with three more colors. For the more decorative elements, the possibilities are limitless. From the centerpieces to the drink umbrellas, from Hawaiian masks to hula skirts, all the way up to anything that harkens to the tropics. If you are crafty, you might make flowers, parrots and flamingos with construction paper. Or you can get balloons shaped like palm trees to decorate the room. Let your imagination run wild!

Yard signs: Where’s the Luau?

Signs are a cute idea that creates that tropical atmosphere and better sets the stage for your luau. From personalized invitations to yard signs that welcome your guests, the secret are the most famous Hawaiian keywords: signs with “Aloha” and “Luau” can lead your guests to areas where activities like the “Limbo” floor and the “Tiki Bar” are located.”.

Festa Hawaiana - Dalahi

Costumes and accessories: dress your best in Hawaii

Kids love to dress up. Traditional Hawaiian dress is the most iconic way to get into the Luau mood. The birthday girl should wear a hula skirt, a flower lei and a flower crown. Invite your guests to follow a simple but effective dress code with colorful and flowery clothes for girls and Hawaiian shirts for boys. Don’t forget to get enough leis to give everybody one at the door.

Festa Hawaiana - Dalahi

Party favors and gift bags for your Luau

When you throw a party, always make sure to have some trinkets that your guests can take home as souvenirs. In this case, consider Hawaiian necklaces, hula skirts or coconut cups. Flowers and crowns are ideal for decorating your kids’ hair.

Festa Hawaiana - Dalahi

Luau Food and Drink: What to Make

A Luau banquet can only be colorful and refreshing. Set up a “Tiki Bar” where you can serve lemonade and strawberry juice in coconut cups. Colored straws can add an exotic touch. For snacks, go all out with fruit skewers, flower-shaped cookies and other summer delicacies. Decorate them with umbrellas, flows and flamingos to create an extravagant table setting. To eat them, all you need is a large, colorful sheet that will turn any yard into a picnic.

Festa Hawaiana - Dalahi

Fun and games: luau activities

It’s not a real luau without Hawaiian games. But you don’t have to be a specialist: during the summer, you have many options. You can play lawn games or even beach volleyball, depending on the age of the kids. But don’t forget tug o’ war, potato-sack races, water guns, balloons or ping-pong. The finishing touch? A game of limbo, of course!

Do you want to see the result immediately?

Need ideas? Watch the luau party I organized for Ines’ 9th birthday here. >>

Do you have other ideas? Write them in the comments below: every suggestion makes the party better!

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