Straight from the London and New York fashion weeks, a super fashion mood for Ines’s birthday: a beautiful fluo party. By night, like grown-up girls: the party started late in the afternoon and finished after dinner. Preparations were in no way less fun than the party itself and I got the whole family involved: we found some big black bags and wrote all over them with bright fluorescent paint that I bought on the Internet. And lanterns, balloons, LED lights and a lot of bubbles, this summer’s trendiest lamps, which lit up the whole garden like magic!


We placed a long and low table with cushions beside the cypress trees, set up with delicious sandwiches and the birthday cake prepared by Tazza D’Oro. Comfortably seated at the table, the kids enjoyed the fire show performed by stilt walkers from the Accademia Creativa theatre company: a special performance by street artists on stilts, white winged figures with LED lights, who created a beautiful show with fire acts, poetic and surreal at the same time.

Poetry but also music: our favorite entertainer, Mago Cappello, brought the music equipment, eighties-style disco lights and soap bubbles with smoke inside. And the Righi team captured shots of these lovely girls dancing and singing late into the night!


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