Josè’s party with the Marvel characters

There were all the Marvel characters life-size Avengers figures – a lot of colorful sweets, themed gifts and, above all, little superheroes in cloaks and masks running up and down my garden!

In the first episode of The Avengers series, when the bad guy says: “I have an army”, Tony Stark replies: “And we have Hulk!”.

My son Josè couldn’t agree more: he’s always been a huge Hulk fan and I eventually gave in and allowed him to celebrate his seventh birthday with all the Avengers – Batman, Superman, Spiderman, Miss Marvel… and the star, Hulk! Hulk was really there with us: a 2-meter-high green balloon installation created by Silvia from the Balloon Express shop, which attracted the attention of all Josè’s little guests. Tazza d’Oro provided us with top-quality delicious-looking Avengers-themed food.

I found the party decorations and supplies on Amazon: our garden turned into the set of a Marvel film, swarming with restless and highly imaginative kids, rather than fearless Avengers. Cicco Petrillo is a terrific entertainer and he was the real superhero of the party: he kept the kids entertained and busy the whole time. We all had a lot of fun playing the piñata, an old-style but really amusing game.

It was a lovely day and José and his favorite superhero fell instantly asleep at 9 pm, at last!


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