Ines, Josè and I adore Carnival…or rather, the right order is: me, Ines and Josè! Because every year I’m the one who seems to be having the most fun.

Travestimenti bambini pirati
Costumi bambini Aladin e Jasmine

I’m so in love with this festive season, bursting with colors, games and costumes, that the minute Epiphany is over I start planning a theme party at home, with confetti and shooting stars… Totally unconcerned by the danger and stress I will be putting the living room and the whole house through!

Costumi per bambini Ballerini Charleston

Our costume collection includes: boy pirate-girl pirate, Charleston dancers, gipsy dancer and Zorro, Indian chief and squaw… Ines and Josè are always dressed up in coordinating outfits, at least until José  rebels against us and decides to dress up as one of his superheroes. And this year? We have something in mind, but it’s a secret for now.

Costumi bambini danzatrice Gitana e Zorro
Costumi bambini Indiani

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