When it comes to Halloween, there’s no middle course, either you love it or hate it! As far as I’m concerned, since I’ve had Ines and Josè Manuel, it’s the perfect time of the year to share fun moments with my little ones.

Costumi Halloween Bambini Tim Burton
Costumi Halloween Bambini Tim Burton

We start preparations a few days ahead by choosing their costumes and in the afternoon of the 31st we “make a mess” with make-up for hours. I enjoy playing tricks on them: for instance, I pretend I lost the cloak of Ines’s skeleton costume (this year’s theme is Tim Burton-style!) or I hide those horrible little animals that Josè Manuel adores around the house.

Costumi Halloween Bimbi Tim Burton

In the evening, as tradition, we have pizza at Ines’s friend’s house next-door. And then out we go, big and little ones together, trick-or-treating through the neighborhood, while the smell of burning wood and chestnuts drifts through the air.


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