Ines’s birthday is always a special occasion for us, because her enthusiasm is contagious. But this time, for her ninth birthday, which we celebrated on Monday, September 19, we really surpassed ourselves!! The party’s theme was “Hawaii” and Ines, with her amber skin and long long hair, fitted perfectly into the part. We  planned the setting together, or rather: Ines told me what she had in mind and wanted her party to be like  and I got down to work and contacted my usual suppliers.

The garden was decorated with palm trees, pineapples, parrots and huge tribal masks. The girls were dressed in hula skirts, necklaces and flowers in their hair. The boys wore colorful straw hats and star-shaped glasses. I chose for myself an outfit that fitted perfectly in with the party’s theme: a long, orange-colored Michael Kors dress.

The highlights of the party were: the Tiki Bar, provided by Bar Praline,  which offered fruit juice cocktails; and the irresistible music by Patrick DJ of Clownbussola, who made the kids dance like crazy till sunset! A young and lovely entertainer got everyone involved in group dances to the beat of Patrick’s music. Rebecca set up her workshop in one corner of the garden and made some amazing necklaces. The catering service and terrific mise en scene  was by Tazza d’Oro, as usual. Pictures were taken by Isabella of Studio Righi.

When the night began to fall, we launched 9 paper lanterns, one for each of Ines’s years, and made as many wishes as the party’s guests! We had a wonderful day, it was our special goodbye to summer and hello to a new season of joy and colors…

Ph Isabella Pratesi Studio Fotografico Righi















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