What’s an Image Consultant, and what does she do? Do you have an important business meeting and would like to enhance your image? Are you undecided whether to wear a skintight dress or a slightly loose one? What are the colors that make your skin glow more?

If you want to find an answer and solve all the doubts you have, you could rely on an image consultant who, thanks to her experience and expertise, will be able to guide you in finding your style and give you valuable tips to improve yourself.

Image consulting: what is it?

The image consulting service is a service dedicated to improving one’s look, through the way we dress and present ourselves. A service that helps to improve communication through your appearance, by choosing the right clothes to achieve both personal and professional success. The image consulting service is starting to spread among the public: people are starting to turn to this new professional figure to be guided in the care of their appearance, not only in the workplace but also in their personal everyday life.

Who is the image consultant?

The image consultant is the expert who guides you in transforming your looks, through a journey of self-improvement. The journey should not be seen as something exclusively linked to the exterior of a person, but it must be perceived as a broader concept, which also encompasses the personal style of each individual, with our posture, attitude, the way we stand and relate, meaning all those factors through which we convey our personality.

In order to be a good image consultant, it is not enough to have good taste and learn about the latest trends in the field of fashion, but you need to study a lot and constantly stay up-to-date to offer a highly qualified service.

What does an image consultant do?

A good image consultant must be able to advise and guide at best the client to enhance his/her strengths and to camouflage his/her weaknesses by providing all the useful tools to enhance his/her appearance. To do her job well, the consultant will have to identify, along with the client, what his/her needs and goals are, in order to create a personalized and custom-made journey.


  • The colors that suit you best, based on your skin tone and the color of your eyes and hair;
  • The clothes that best suit and enhance your figure;
  • Your personal style based on what you want to convey through your looks.

How does an image consultant work?

Let’s see in detail how an image consultant works, by analyzing the fundamental steps of the journey.

that is, she defines the colors that blend best with personal features, such as eyes, hair, skin tone,and which give brightness and glow to the client;

this study is very useful to define which types of clothes are best suited to enhance the physical shape of the client, bearing in mind his/her personal features and the right size;

this activity allows to identify, together with the client, the style that best describes and expresses his/her personality;

consultant and client work side by side to put in order the wardrobe, organizing at best the clothes that enhance the client’s figure;

it is not enough to buy a palette of make-up, to enhance one’s face there are make-up techniques to apply according to the features of each face, the task of the image consultant is to identify the perfect colors based on the skin tone and natural colors of the client. The expert will have to provide the client with all the technical knowledge necessary to carry out her perfect make-up, daily and independently;

the haircut and the color of the hair are two fundamental elements to create harmony in your overall appearance, before deciding which look to adopt, it is necessary to stop and analyze the shape of the face with your features and your natural colors. It is here that the image consultant comes into play, with her training and skills she will know how to best guide the client towards a look that fits his/her style that enhances the overall image.

If you want to discuss with an expert how to get a new look for your image, contact me.

We will study together the tricks to bring out your best features!

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