Have you ever thought about conveying your personality through the clothes you wear? In reality, even if you don’t realize it, this happens every time you open your closet and choose what to put on or every time you go shopping.

What is hidden behind your clothes reveals many aspects of your personality. Every day we deal with others, at the office, at the bar, with friends, in a family context, and depending on the situation we live in, we dress differently. Every outfit allows you in some way to make yourself known to others, clothes speak about you. When you wear a garment it is important that it helps you feel good about yourself, and that it reflects your style, just so you can authentically communicate who you really are.

To each personality his/her style, to every style his/her shopping tour

Do you also have difficulty in identifying the right items of clothing that can enhance your image and enhance your personal features? Here I come: the image consultant to the rescue! Are you thinking of turning to me to best express your personality through your clothing? To meet your needs, I decided to offer you 3 shopping routes in Florence. And what’s your personality and what style do you have?

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To everyone his/her Shopping Tour in Florence!

1. Famous Brands Shopping Tour in Florence:
for an influential style

Shopping Tour Grandi Firme Firenze: Dalahi Ortiz Personal Shopper

If you have an influential style, and love luxury, this shopping tour is just right for you. If you have a strong temper and express elegance through clothes. You love to dress in a sumptuous way and love the splendid branded designs of the great Italian fashion brands, which give your personality a charming and charismatic style. Thanks to my Shopping Tour you can experience a real shopping experience in the Florentine fashion district, I will guide you to purchase of the best luxury items that enhance your style, giving it glamor and elegance.

2. Trendy Shopping Tour in Florence:
for a unique style

Trendy Shopping Tour Firenze: Dalahi Ortiz Personal Shopper

Are you a selective person, do you always love to experiment, and never give up exclusive and sought-after garments of particular Italian design in limited editions? My Trendy Shopping Tour will make you really authentic! Together we will discover the latest trends in the fashion world by going to the most sought after shops in Florence, each with its innovative clothing proposals to buy the trendiest clothing of the season giving you a super original style.

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3. Craftmanship Shopping Tour in Florence:
for a timeless style

Shopping Tour Artigianato Firenze: Dalahi Ortiz Personal Shopper

Are you a person of noble character linked to bon ton and etiquette? Do you love craftsmanship, details and you love losing yourself in antique shops? You can only choose my Handicraft Shopping Tour, a shopping experience combined with Florentine art and culture. Together we will go to the historic craft shops, to discover the richness of Florentine high craftsmanship with all its precious creations, which will give you a perfect and timeless style. Shopping routes between ateliers and tailor shops, leather goods and shoes, jewelry, perfume and cosmetics, made in Italy.

If you are looking for a personal shopper, you are in the right place!

Do not hesitate to contact me, I will be happy to guide you in your purchases.

All tours can be customized according to your needs and requirements. Did you find the right Shopping Tour in Florence for you?

I am Dalahi Ortiz Personal Shopper and Image Consultant in Florence.

Unlike many other personal shoppers who only organize classic shopping tours, I prepare personalized shopping tours that will allow you to find your style and express your personality through your clothing. To feel as close as possible to how you really are. If you are in Florence and want to organize a personalized shopping itinerary and find the clothes that suit your personality and your style, contact me.

Write me: personalshopper@dalahiortiz.com
Or call me: 339 4689167

And discover your shopping tour together!

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