When you purchase something do you let your emotions guide you, too? Have you decided to turn to a Personal Shopper for your purchases, and want to live a real Shopping Experience?

With the advent of the digital, shopping today is not limited exclusively to the pure and simple purchasing of products and services, but to a real experience to be lived. But what does the term “Shopping Experience” really mean? Let’s find out together!

Shopping Experience

When I talk about shopping experience I am referring to the experience you can live when you buy something, a product or a service. Today we live in an era in which the product itself does not play an exclusive role in the purchasing process, but what makes the difference are the additional services that make it unique.

Emotions play a fundamental role

We all decide to buy something, an item, a product, a splendid creation, or a service, letting our emotions guide us, and we are always looking for stimuli that drive us to enter a store to make a purchase. Each and every one of us wants to live a unique experience and wishes to be actively involved.

Shopping Experience and Stores

Shop-owners are the first ones who should change their vision, and be ready to welcome and excite you with unforgettable experiences, and take advantage of this trend to stimulate and satisfy people like you, who are interested in buying, making you live unique sensations. The shop must be transformed into a sort of concept store, where you can be involved in the shopping experience.

Services and Shopping Experience

My Personal Shopping service is a shopping service, which accompanies you in your purchases, making you live an exclusive shopping experience, a unique purchasing experience with real tours, dedicated to shopping and emotions.

But what sort of shopping experience am I talking about?

There are plenty of choices, it all depends on your tastes and your purchasing desires.

If you wish to combine shopping with art and culture, you can choose a shopping journey to discover boutiques located in historic locations. Throughout your shopping tour, along with your purchases, you can admire, thanks to a guided tour, the history, art and cultural beauty which Florence is full of.

If instead you wish to know all the features, and physically touch the materials of what you are going to buy, you can choose a shopping journey dedicated to leather goods, you can follow your creation from the initial to the final stage, through a real workshop, following – step by step – the realization of your bag, but also expressing an opinion, giving ideas and suggestions on design, packaging, and finishing touches, selecting the materials and the production method. Not only will you buy a personalized product, but you will surely have lived an exclusive shopping experience.

If you love Florentine jewelery, you can live a shopping experience by combining the purchase of the jewel with the delivery of it on a spectacular terrace on the Ponte Vecchio, with a breathtaking view of the Arno, combining shopping with music and food and wine, living the experience of purchase through the emotion of the notes of a song, or through the taste of a good glass of wine paired with a dinner or an aperitif.

Or you can embark on a workshop shopping journey the where you can buy fragrances, created through philosophical and spiritual sessions held by the craftsman creator, making you live an elevated and divine shopping experience.

When you will come bag in Italy Florence, do you want to book my Personal Shopping service, where you can make purchases through a real shopping experience? Contact me, I will create your personalized shopping tour and guide you through your shopping journey full of emotions.


I’m Dalahi Ortiz, Personal Shopper and Image Consultant in Florence.

I organize personalized shopping itineraries where you can live a unique shopping experience, because you will be actively involved in the experience. When you will be in Florence and wish to purchase unique items through a real shopping experience, contact me.

Write to me: personalshopper@dalahiortiz.com
Or call me at: 339 4689167


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