An extraordinary event by Dolce & Gabbana that celebrates the Florentine fine craftsmanship.

We are ready: today the big event by Dolce & Gabbana begins. An event that brings Florence back to the mainstage of the most sophisticated and exclusive fashion. The two stylists, whom I have always loved for their colorful and feminine style in tune with my soul and my temperament – have chosen Florence for the presentation of their men and women’s Haute Couture collections. From September 2nd to the 4th,  the city will show off an important calendar of events and a special project that directly involves local artisans: ‘The Renaissance and the Rebirth’, this is the title of the event, will begin on September 2nd with a dedicated fashion show for men, in Palazzo Vecchio, in the Salone del Cinquecento, the most important room of the Palazzo adorned with frescoes by Vasari. Unique and extraordinary garments will walk the catwalk, which will be accompanied by accessories and items made by artisan workshops. On the same date will take place the exhibition of the High Jewelry collection in the cloister of Santa Maria Novella. The calendar of events will continue the following days in the wonderful Italian garden of Villa Bardini, with the Baroque staircase and its unique view of Florence, and will end at Cantine Antinori.


Florentine artisans

The stylists – who visited the artisan shops one by one for the final choice – worked hand in hand with the artisans, to enhance the already unique and precious pieces that have often been pushed beyond their normal intended use, inventing a new identity for them.

Among the artisans involved, 38 in total:
the silver of Brandimarte, the glass of Moleria Locchi, Bianco Bianchi, Nerdi Orafi, the prints of the Hippogriff, Paolo Penko, Scarpelli Mosaici, Pestelli Creazioni, Giusto Manetti Battiloro, Tommaso De Carlo decorator, Taf Florence, Antico Setificio Fiorentino, Aprosio & Co, Fratelli Traversari, Grevi, Lorenzo Villoresi, Loretta Caponi Florence, Mazzanti Piume, Saskia scarpe si misura, Scuola del Cuoio in Florence, Stefano Bemer, Ugo Poggi and many others.

A limited edition volume has been created, with the contribution of Cuoio di Toscana, to describe this rich and articulated universe. Leather cover, the profiles of the individual artisans and the drawings of the items that will parade: a sort of guide to a journey through the city. Furthermore, the display cases containing the works of the leading artisans will be exhibited in Palazzo Vecchio, in the Cortile di Michelozzo, from September 2nd to October 15th.

I am particularly happy about this wonderful opportunity for the city, and not only because it satisfies my love for fashion but because it is linked to a personal work that I have carried out with artisans over the years. Even before their value and prestige was brought into the limelight, when I started to get to know Tuscany, my gaze – which comes from a different and distant culture – was filled with wonder and passion. I began to personally visit the shops, to spend time with the master craftsmen. This experience led me to the conception of thematic tours, from tailoring to the home, from beauty and cosmetics. I myself will accompany you to discover these extraordinary people who feed on passion and tradition and their unique creations.

Below is a small list of my proposals, which you can book on my website:

  • Shopping Experience Florentine goldsmiths
  • Shopping Experience Perfumers and Cosmetics
  • Shopping Experience Home Decor
  • Personal Artisanal Shopping Tour for him, designed for men with a visit to a tailor’s shop, footwear, leather goods, a goldsmith’s shop and a perfumer.
  • Personal Artisanal Shopping Tour for her, designed for women, with a visit to an atelier, footwear, leather goods, a goldsmith’s shop and a perfumer.

Are you in Florence in Italy and want to organize a personalized artisan shopping itinerary? Or do you want to go and discover the shops with the artisans?

Contact me, I will create your personalized artisan shopping itinerary and take you to discover the shops hidden in the narrow alleys of the city of Florence where you will find the master craftsmen at work in the creation of their wonderful creations.

I’m Dalahi Ortiz Personal Shopper and Image Consultant in Florence.

I organize personalized artisan shopping tours where you can buy precious Florentine handcrafted creations unique in the world.

Write me to:
Call me at: 339 4689167


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