Compulsive shopping … help! Compulsive shopping and happiness.

5 tips to avoid compulsive shopping

We all love shopping. I’m pretty sure that you too have gone out for window-shopping walk, as if it were therapeutic. I had an argument with my husband? Therapeutic shopping! Bad day at work? Come one, let’s go buy that pair of shoes that I’ve been chasing for such a long time and let’s stop thinking about it…

The problem is that this type of compulsive shopping never brings anything good along. But at the end of the day you always find yourself at home with so many clothes bought just for the sake of buying, because you longed for them when they were in the stores. And instead of feeling better, in a couple of days you’ll find yourself with even less space in your wardrobe and lots of hanging garments that you’ll never wear, just like many other garments that have already suffered the same faith.

Here are 5 simple tips that I believe you should follow if you want to prevent this from actually happening.

1) Don’t just wait for the season sales to buy

Don’t rush into buying everything you see, just because there’s the word “on sale” written on it, I suggest you first ask yourself these 3 questions… Do I need it? Am I missing it? Does it fit me well?

2) Size is not everything

Even if you feel lucky to have found your size, of that last remaining piece that you like so much, yes.. do try it on! and with an objective eye, are you sure that it really fits you? Or will you buy it just because … it’s the last one?

3) Color, don’t forget it.

I wrote a guide on colors with useful tips on how to match them with the colors of your skin tone. In most cases, the heat of the purchase leads you to compulsive purchases by buying colors that are out of tune with your natural colors.

4) Get advice from an outside eye.

When you go shopping, never go alone, but avoid going with friends. This is because friends are not the perfect advisers, not even friends for men. Get objective advice from a shopping expert, by buying only those clothes that suit you and that enhance your body and features, by buying only clothes with the right cuts and colors for you.

5) Organize and schedule your purchases.

Before buying, think about what you already have in your closet. Organize and schedule your shopping so that you only buy what you really need, creating the right outfits that suit you and your accessories.

Are you too trapped in compulsive shopping, constantly buying and spending so much money on clothes that you don’t wear and leave hanging in your closet for years, making you dissatisfied with your look?

I’m Dalahi Ortiz, Personal Shopper and Image Consultant in Florence.

I organize personalized shopping tours that help you to avoid compulsive shopping by replacing it with scheduled shopping so that you only will buy the items of clothing of your style and that best express your personality so as to communicate harmony with your image. If you are in Florence and you want to organize a personalized shopping tour and find the clothes that suit your personality and your style, please contact me.

Write to me:
Or call me at: 339 4689167


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