In our modern society, more and more men decide to have a well-groomed appearance, and to look their best in any occasion, both in their professional and private life.

The clothes you wear talk about you, and allow you to communicate your personality and style to others. Precisely for this reason it is important to buy the right items that enhance your figure and that help you express yourself and stand out in any circumstance. The world of men’s fashion offers a wide selection of garments, accessories, fabrics and colors to choose from to always look your best.
Finding your way around, when shopping in a world as vast and varied as that of men’s fashion is not always easy and you often end up buying clothes that are not fit to your physical and personal features.

In order not to make a mistake, have you ever thought of going to a Personal Shopper?

If your answer is yes, you’re in the right place! With my Personal Shopping Man service in Florence, shopping has never been easier.

Here are 4 reasons why to choose my service:

1. I will guide you around, to discover the shops where you can find clothing that match your style and that represent you.
2. A shopping consultancy service tailored to your needs where you can live a real shopping experience.
3. If you don’t like shopping or don’t have much time, with my tailored personal shopping service you will be able to create a perfect wardrobe full of outfits to show off according to the occasion.
4. I will give you useful advice on which clothes to buy to best enhance your image.

How is my service carried out?

After we get in touch, you will receive a questionnaire so I can understand a bit more about you and what your shopping needs and desires are. I will then prepare the personalized shopping tour to follow, based on your needs, the itinerary will be presented on the day of the meeting before starting the shopping tour. All that remains is to establish the date of the tour. During the day I will accompany you to discover the best boutiques where you can buy your clothes. I will advise you which garments are most suitable for your style, and which your wardrobe can’t do without, advising you on the latest trends to always be fashionable.

Are you thinking about going shopping but you don’t know where to go and what to buy? Choose my personal shopping service! Contact me, I will guide you on wonderful shop in the city of Florence where you can buy your clothes.

I’m Dalahi Ortiz Personal Shopper and Image Consultant in Florence.

I organize personalized shopping itineraries where you can live a unique shopping experience, because you will be actively involved in the experience. If you are in Florence and wish to buy unique items through a real shopping experience, contact me.

Email me at:
Call me at: 339 4689167

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