Our image speaks about us, through our style and the right look we convey what we are. Each of us chooses what to tell through our image and how we show ourselves is fundamental to express our best self.

Clothing helps non-verbal communication and is our business card. Do you want to express yourself better but don’t know where to start? Are you the type who goes around the city looking of the right garment, but in the end can’t find it? Don’t worry, I’m ready to help you with my service!

Image consultancy service

With my image consultancy service I will help you find your style. I will guide you in creating a look that is able to enhance your image. We will study every detail, outfit and accessory together, we will analyze lines, colors and hairstyles to identify those suitable to enhance your character. In any context you will find yourself, you will be able to convey security and harmony through your image.

My image consulting service includes different steps. In detail:

Color analysis

The consultancy starts from the color analysis. The goal of the analysis is to identify the personal color palette to be used in the various looks that we are going to create. Through the color analysis, thanks to the drap test method, we will examine your natural color of hair, eyes and skin.

Morphological analysis

The second phase involves the analysis of the lines, shapes and proportions of your body. This analysis is important to understand and identify the right accessories and the ideal clothing lines to enhance your figure and your strong points.

Stylistic analysis

The third phase is the most important for your change and restyling. Starting from your personality, we will identify what your style is. Remember each of us has her own personality that it’s expressed through one’s own image. The clothes you wear don’t have to revolutionise it, on the contrary they have to adapt to it and enhance it.

Make up

By carefully analyzing the shape of your face and your traits, we will define which colors and the type of make-up are the most suitable to enhance your beauty. Nothing will be left to chance, you will know which foundation, eyeshadow, blush and lipstick best suits your face. But not only that, I will reveal small beauty skincare secrets. Thanks to my service you will know which techniques and colors you must use based on the occasion. Finally, you will learn how to create a perfect make-up on your own, thanks to the collaboration with partner make-up artists.


Not only make-up: as you well know hair is important for a woman, identifying the right hairstyle will therefore be the next step of my image consultancy service. We will choose the color and cut that best enhance your appearance to achieve a change of look that fits your style and features.

Wardrobe analysis

If you often find yourself opening your wardrobe and never knowing what to wear, with the analysis of the wardrobe you will no longer have this problem! I will guide you in rearranging your clothes based on the occasion. We will evaluate together which items to keep, which to change and which to permanently get rid of. I will also create a shopping list with items to buy to complete your outfits. Why will reorganizing the wardrobe help you? Because you will finally open the closet and you will always know which clothes to show off in any context you will find yourself in. You will always be able to create new looks with the garments already present in your wardrobe, enhancing your image.

Personal shopping

The final stage of the consultancy is the personal shopping service. Once you have studied your image, you can live a real personalized shopping experience. We will discover together the fashionable shops where you can buy the perfect brand garments for your style and the clothes that are missing from your wardrobe that we would have previously noted in the shopping list drawn up during the analysis of the wardrobe.

Have you decided to rely on me to undertake this beautiful path of image renewal? Contact me! I will be happy to help you on your restyling journey.


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My name is Dalahi Ortiz and I am an Image Consultant in Florence.

I use a particular method of analysis of your image that will allow you to find your most “natural” look. As close as possible to what you really look like. If you live in Florence and want advice on how to create new looks and find clothes that suit you in a natural way, contact me from here:

Write me: info@dalahiortiz.com
Or call me: 339 4689167

And discover your own way to improve your image!


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