Are you tired of opening your closet and having the feeling of not finding anything suitable to wear? Would you like to find the perfect match but in the end you always choose the same color combinations? Do you buy clothes that you end up leaving in the closet once you get home?

How to have a new wardrobe without spending any money to buy new clothes.

The solution to all your problems exists: the image consultant. When you’ll open your closet you will no longer have any doubts about what to wear and how to match your clothes, but above all you will be able to say goodbye to the phrase “I have nothing to wear”!

Rearranging your wardrobe: why choose an image consultant.

Unless you have decided to open your closet and throw everything away, even if you do not believe it’s possible, there will always be something in your closet that is worth wearing. Whether it’s your favorite jeans or your special occasion dress, it doesn’t matter. The real goal is to understand what really hides inside your wardrobe and take it out to show off the perfect outfits.

Only you know how hard it is to do it, with all that stuff you bought in the past, and now you think you don’t wear anymore! Yet (it will seem impossible) at least in 9 cases out of 10, in our wardrobe there are clothes that seem dead and buried but that find a new life only with the right match. It just takes the right person to do this delicate surgery. Sometimes it takes very little to transform a garment that you already own into a completely new dress. To rearrange your wardrobe and get the best result, here is what I suggest we do.

Once you open the doors of your wardrobe, I will analyze its contents, from clothes to accessories. Then I will advise you on what to keep and what to eliminate. Don’t worry, we won’t throw away too much stuff! In most cases, rather than eliminating, I prefer to reinvent based on the person’s style and physique.

If you want to discuss with an expert how to get a new look for your image, contact me.

We will study together the tricks to bring out your best features!

According to all the selected items, together we can:

  • Create new outfits;
  • Find out how to match certain colors that you might not have thought of mixing up;
  • Create different looks to show off in different situations, all while respecting your style and your personality;
  • Find out which are the must-haves to always keep in the drawer, and in case they are be missing, we will make a shopping list in order to keep an eye on what to buy.

Aside from advice on matches and colors, I will suggest you how to use the accessories to complete your look. With the wardrobe rearrangement you will have a tidier and more spacious wardrobe without useless unworn garments. You will be more aware of your features, of the colors that best highlight your figure and of the color combinations. And you can make wise purchases, thus spending less to create your look, and you’ll never go home regretting having done any shopping.
You can finally open your closet and be happy!

My name is Dalahi Ortiz and I am an image consultant in Florence.

Unlike many other image consultants who only work with fashion items, I use a special method of analyzing your image that will allow you to find your most “natural” look. As close as possible to who you really are. If you are in Florence and want advice on how to create new looks and find the clothes that suit you naturally, contact me.

Write me:
Or call me: 339 4689167

And find out how we can work together!


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