If Capri were a color? It would be blue! A song? Perhaps… the song of the Sirens that Ulysses heard when he got himself tied up on his boat right next to the island, as the legend tells. If it were a movie? The Talented Mr. Ripley, no doubt, with a handsome Jude Law in loose 50s trousers and a white linen shirt…


The island of the Mermaids: Capri, the perfect place for a glamorous vacation, where even shopping is a unique experience

I’m playing this game while I’m leaving the island behind on a hydrofoil, after a very long dreamlike weekend. Glamor, history, art, fashion: a patch of land in the middle of the sea, watched over by the two imposing stacks, made famous by Dolce & Gabbana in the advertisement of Light Blue, which contains – like a casket – a thousand treasures. Chosen in the past as a great retreat from people who have become legends, such as the Marchesa Casati, black-clad eyes and a cheetah on a leash; Edward Krupp elegant dandy of the late 1800s, to whom we owe the beautiful via Krupp, a street that is almost a work of art, and the gardens of Augustus which I recommend you visit; and also Gracie Fields, a young and beautiful American who bought The Song of the Sea, and made it the place of choice for the jeunesse dorée who crossed the ocean to spend the holidays, between trips on a shore and spaghetti with the fresh tomatoes. Here, at La Canzone, a young Marquis – Emilio Pucci – opened his small shop where he sold shirts with splendid patterns and ankle-tight pants, the Capri pants, which also Jackie Kennedy loved, habitué of the island.

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Shopping in Capri

I drafted a guide to artisanal products to shop in perfect Capri style. Useful tips for shopping on the island. Tips for shopping in Capri Style.

Sud Capri

It is the perfect address for those in search of high quality and sought after garments, such as Samantha Sung dresses, Ultrà chic Milano items and accessories, eccentric bags designed by Benedetta Bruzziches and Anya Hindmarch, or, even, the Hervé Van Der Straeten bijoux. The secret of the “Sud Carpi” shops (one in via Camerelle and one in via Le Botteghe) is in fact precisely in this: Ruggiero Daniele – the owner – is a caprese buyer by adoption, who each year dedicates personally at least two to three months to the selection of the items that will make up the seasonal assortment of his stores.

Blu Capri

A second address not to be missed is located in via Le Botteghe at n.51. The workshop of Antonio Arcucci stands out for the splendid patterns of long and colorful summer dresses, but also back-to-the-city outfits that seem to contain the sun and the energy of the island.

Laboratorio Capri Handicraft manufacturing

Heir of the historic Sartoria Gigino, today the laboratory reinterprets the taste of the 50s and 60s in a contemporary key: absolutely exclusive and original collections created by top quality local manufacturers.

Autori Capresi

A timeless and evergreen taste, perfect at a tailoring level: in Autori Capresi total white linen shirts, dresses for her, suits with jacket and trousers for him.

100% Lino

All the subtle luxury of linen in the men’s, women’s and children’s collections of the Antonino Aiello brand. The white images of his candid garments are a masterpiece.


High Neapolitan tailoring in Capri-style. In Buonanno beautiful shirts for him, in various patterns in linen and cotton, to match the swimwear.


The great Neapolitan tailoring could not miss on the island. To be an impeccable gentleman even on warm social evenings, two addresses: the Boutique Isaia in Via Fuorlovado 12, bright colors and a perfect cut; and Kiton timeless elegance for her and him, for sale in his own boutique in Piazzetta.


From the very simple leather ones, to those with precious stones and soirée looks, there are two chosen addresses for Capri sandals: Emanuela Caruso and the Bottega Capri 1927.

Carthusia Capri

Known as the smallest laboratory in the world, tuberose and citrus fruits, aloe and wild flowers are born here… to pack in a perfumed amarcord.


To bring to friends? A stone’s throw from piazzetta il Limoncello and special packets of typical sweets: a bit of sun and blue for September evenings with friends.


The most delicious ice cream of the island, a must-try… One more secret? The hot cone is handmade a few minutes before serving ice cream.

Would you like more tips for your Italian shopping and holidays? Contact me, and I’ll be happy to assist you!


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