With the arrival of winter, it’s even more important to keep your spirits up with the right colors. And who better than Pantone can show you the 2019/2020 color trends for the winter season? Discover the right ones for you!

Here are all the color trends to choose from, or to avoid, based on your skin tone

The fundamental thing is not to give in to the impulse of collecting all of of them, and instead focus on the palette that really fits your skin tone. A personalized image consultancy will help you avoid any faux pas, but for an initial skim you can rely on my advice.

Style tips for your winter color palette

Let’s start with a great truth: colors don’t suit everyone. The fact that a particular shade is trendy does not mean that it will automatically make your look perfect. Every time I offer an image consultancy I never get tired of repeating this: the colors that belong to our palette are those that truly suit us. It’s no coincidence that each season fashion houses aim on a range of different colors: it’s up to you to choose the palette that enhances your skin tone and your chromatic features. To help you choose, here are my tips.

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How to choose Pantone colors for winter 2019/2020

I’ll tell you a secret: each of one us has a season to refer to. It doesn’t have to be your favorite, but it is the one that best enhances your natural colors. When someone asks me for an image consultancy, color analysis is the first step to get to the season palette, to which he/she belongs. Of course it’s not the only important element necessary to create a style, but it is one of the most crucial. You hardly get a memorable look if you focus on color trends that don’t enhance you. Even famous people know this very well: I have chosen four really magnificent ones to show you what I mean.

Pantone colors for a autumn woman: sensual like Eva

With her amber skin, hazel eyes and brown hair, Eva Mendez is the embodiment of the fall woman. If you are a woman with warm colors, the color trends to focus on are those that recall the earth, the sun and the foliage of trees in October. The Pantone colors of reference? The audacious Dark Cheddar to illuminate the outfit, the bright Orange Tiger for an energetic look, the sweet Sugar Almond with caramel tones or the Guacamole for a refined style.

Pantone trends for a winter woman: seductive like Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is an icon of femininity and character. Her season palette is definitely winter. Black hair, skin tone and dark eyes are the typical features of this season. If you are a winter woman, follow her example and focus on colors with more intense shades. The Pantone colors? The sensual Chili Pepper, the deep Biking Red, or a tone somewhere between red and brown, like the strong Rocky Road. A classy touch? Green Eden for a heavenly look.

Pantone colors for a spring woman: radiant like Jessica

Do you have cream-colored skin and green eyes like a gem? The example to follow is the beautiful Jessica Chastain, with her red hair and delicate skin tone. The Pantone colors to choose from, for a spring woman are in fact light and equally soft ones. The romantic and bright Peach Pink, the buttery Crème de Pêche or the timeless class of a sober Vanilla Custard. For a special evening? The elegance of Galaxy Blue is literally boundless.

Color trends for a summer woman: sidereal like Cameron

Cold blue eyes, blond hair, light skin tone. Cameron Diaz is the perfect testimonial for a summer women. If you belong to this color season too, don’t make the mistake of focusing on warm shades. The Pantone colors for you are the icy ones to enhance your skin tone. So thumbs up then for the Bluestone that recalls the color of your eyes, the femininity of Fruit Dove and two great classic styles like Paloma and Evening Blue.

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