Autumn fashion tips and trends to organize a truly memorable birthday party.

Incoming Birthday? Don’t rely on improvisation for the perfect party. As “Stylist Party”, I can assure you that 99% of the result depends on your strategy. Neglecting details and underestimating the basic concept will only increase the risk of a failed party. The solution? Leave surprises at the time of gifts and study your party with the care it deserves. The law this month is dictated by the shades of nature. The bright orange of the pumpkins, the yellow ochre and brown of the leaves, the green of the olives and vine leaves, to be declined in clothes and decorations appropriate to the context of the party.

Here’s how to make a birthday party in autumn, between the warm colors of the season and the trendy outfits.

How to make a birthday party in the villa: luxury in the palace

Villa parties are distinguished by the prestige of the location and the elegant formality that follows. It is a party suitable for important occasions, such as an eighteenth or a round birthday. The ideal is to enhance the interiors with atmospheric lighting and decorations inspired by autumn nature. Pink, already customs cleared with red, finally mix the orange, warming the environment and cloaking it with romance. For a party of this kind, opt for dresses that are up to the task. Yes to tulle in candy tones, for an evening worthy of a fairy tale, to shiny dresses and palettes that embellish skirts and bodices. Shining, in these cases, is a princess’ duty.

How to make a country birthday party: outdoors in style

In the sweetness of early autumn many regions still allow you to celebrate outdoors. In this case, the decorations and the table will celebrate the season, with lights hanging like bunches of grapes, flowers in shades of orange and compositions of autumn leaves. Ochre yellow is one of the trendy colours to show off in dresses and jumpsuits, as Amal Clooney demonstrated at the royal wedding of Harry and Meghan. For a more informal and impressive outfit, choose a wide skirt with yellow and orange floral prints, to be matched with a white blouse.

How to make a family birthday party: bon ton and welcome

Family birthdays can be just as unforgettable if well organized. For this type of party, the ideal locations are a large living room, a terrace or a semi-covered veranda. Set up your table with an orange or brown checkered tablecloth, decorated with pumpkins and candles or softened by bouquets in pink and orange tones. The perfect outfit? A brick-coloured high-waisted trouser and a long-sleeved shirt with ruffles, in line with current trends. Leave your heels behind for the evening outings and wear comfortable and elegant flat ballet shoes: the “good girl” effect is guaranteed.


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As a “Stylist Party”, I’ll be able to suggest how to make an eighteenth or an exceptional birthday…


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