Sometimes setting the mood for a party is more exciting than the party itself. Sometimes… but not this time, at least for me and my merry tribe!

Prato’s first total white dinner was a thrill and as much fun as planning it. Piazza del duomo elegantly glowed with white in the evening’s soft summer light.

In the days that preceded the event, irene and i worked closely to make sure that everything was covered, down to the smallest detail, and nothing was overlooked. Irene took care of the menu: swordfish and sea bass carpaccio; calamari, champignon mushroom, anglerfish, parmesan cheese and pine nut salad; and an amazing cheesecake. I took care of the mise en place: i had brought my favorite dinner set, elegant total white wedgwood plates and livellara crystal glasses. My personal touch: a centerpiece overflowing with pure white roses.

My look was casual enough to allow me to enjoy the party: a loose-fitting walter voulaz blouse that i bought at babylon bus and a pair of impeccably-cut tara jarmon pants, my hair into a bun with a white flower attached and my terrific adidas stan smithshoes to chase the kids around!

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