Only a few days left to pack the latest, super-trendy pieces and….off you go, towards  empty beaches, drinks at sunset and dancing the night away. Here are the five top shops in downtown Prato, where you’re going to find the dress of your dreams, the sandals that take you from beach to restaurant and those big and colorful earrings that you would never dare to wear in the city.

Take advantage of the last Thursday shopping night in Prato and super sales of the season!

I suggest parking in Piazza Mercatale and then take Via Garibaldi.

Here is our first stop


Via Garibaldi 115

Creative Italian brands such as Souvenir, Imperial , 8PM and many more;  a lot of Spanish names, above all, Nice Things, and the French Suncoo , offering a sophisticated selection of fancy designs. Fun and never banal accessories, such as the hard polka-dot clutch, the straw hat, the “not too animalier” bathing suits… 

Store 23
via Garibaldi 96 (angolo via Verdi)

Michela is there to provide you with everything you need for yourchic summer vacations in Capri, Saint Tropez and Malibù: striped skirts, long and colorful, hippy glam-style dresses, loose-fitting pants and fancy blouses. But also a wealth of accessories, such as Nike, Converse, Adidas sneakers and the exclusive Anis Collection.

For our next stop, take Via Pugliesi from Via Garibaldi, walk through Piazza delle Carceri and into Piazza Sant’Antonino.


Piazza Sant’Antonino 11

Rosita is the brains and heart behind this sparkling treasure box, a Wunderkammer filled with trendy and colorful bathing suits, shorts and T-shirts for an afternoon in Ibiza and very glamourous accessories, like the maxi earrings with tassels and flat sandals with pompoms, this summer’s must-have. Her top brands? Gaelle, Darling and Traffic People.

Now head towards Piazza del Comune, go through the Logge as far as Piazza del Pesce and take Via Firenzuola.

One Day
Via Firenzuola 25

Monica welcomes you enthusiastically: she is the one who manages to do most of the sourcing for the shop, where style is inversely proportional to the space and, in place of  famous designer brands, you will find clothing and accessories by small artisan workshops scattered across the world. In a few square meters: loose-fitting fancy pants, cotton and linen beach robes, bathing suits and hats and….beautiful necklaces with medals found on her latest trip to Ibiza!

Let’s continue on to our last stop of the day, on Via del Serraglio.


Via del Serraglio 8

Simona, the owner of the shop, is also an image consultant. But image is only the starting point for discussing the many aspects of one’s look. That is why, in addition to the great selection of top made-in-Italy brands- Katia G, Beatrice B, Sfizio and Blugirl, just to mention a few of them- this store offers  you a fantastic shopping experience. I’ve nearly finished reading her latest book L’immagine nell’anima ad occhi aperti, and I highly recommend it!

Did you get everything on your shopping list? Drop by Profumeria Risaliti ( on via del Serraglio ) to buy a sun lotion that will work wonders for your tan and then go home to pack!!!

Have a lovely summer….


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