During our short holiday break in Sardinia, we couldn’t resist going on a shopping spree in Porto Rotondo. Being able to park the car in Piazza Quadra, where the excellent Giovannino restaurant is located, is a privilege reserved for those who visit the island anytime other than peak season (August).


Before diving into shopping, we went on a little art tour which I warmly recommend: firstly, the marble theatre by Ceroli built in 1992 but inspired by ancient Greek architecture on Via Porto Rotondo, then we followed the fish-studded path, by Breton artist Emmanuel Chapalain , along Via del Molo and Via Belli.

Now comes the fun part! Here are my shopping tips:


Sini & Conte: in Piazza Andrea Cascella. One of my favorite shops: lovely shoes, including gladiator sandals, which are all the rage this summer but only for skinny legs, and wedge heels, which look great on everyone!

Laura Cialfi: in Piazza Andrea Cascella. Bathing suits, shoes, dresses. Everything you need to look glam! Fantastic shiny high-heeled espadrillas: be sure to pack at least one pair of them this summer.

Angelina: in Piazzetta dei Deidana. Fun and fashionable accessories for any season of the year. Lovely straw hats and bags with colored pompoms. A lot of special items for the little ones.

Nino Pes: along the port’s promenade. A special evening out? Here’s where you’re going to find elegant outfits, jeweled sandals, haute-couture accessories…in short, the perfect exclusive party look!


And to end the shopping spree on a high note, we had dinner in Piazza Rudalza at Il Baretto restaurant, on the terrace with view over the port with the sun going down, and the light was absolutely perfect.


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