Which type of woman do they suit?

Four beautiful Italian women to draw inspiration from, to discover which trendy colors of this season are ideal for you.

Do you wish to know what are the trendy colors for spring/summer that enhance your beauty? Let’s find out through armocromia and the characteristics of four different Italian beauties. Armocromia is the discipline that studies the harmony of colors. Each of us belongs to a specific chromatic season with its colors that favor or penalize our natural beauty. To assess which color season you belong to, it’s necessary a color analysis that takes into account skin, eyes and hair color. It is the first step of image consultancy, and it’s carried out through the drap test, which will reveal the color palette that enhances your beauty.

To help you understand which color season you belong to and which of the new trendy colors of this spring/summer season could suit you, I have chosen four women who are the landmark Italian beauty, each belonging to one of the 4 color seasons. To whom do you identify yourself with?

Do you want to know which are the colors that enhance your beauty and give harmony to your image? Contact me for a personalized analysis of your colors through the drap test method.


Spring season: Cristiana Capotondi

Talented actress of countless movies and TV series, Cristiana Capotondi is the perfect Spring woman. Her peach-colored skin, light eyes and golden brown hair best embody the characteristics of this chromatic season. Do you have these colors? Then choose the color Sunlight to appear as radiant and feminine as Cristiana at the Venice Film Festival 2010, who wore an Ancient Rome priestess dress in this color. For a refined taste with a touch of childish malice, instead aim at Coral Pink, like in the splendid  silk pajamas version. Do you love classic tones and are looking for something to make your sea blue eyes stand out? Draw inspiration from the floral pattern, in the tones of the Mosaic Blue, which Cristiana shows off for the cover of Io.

Summer season: Bianca Balti

Do you have a pale and luminous complexion, blue or green eyes, blond, ash or brown hair? Then you belong to this season! Among the national beauties, Bianca Balti is the one that magnificently embodies the chromatic Summer season. If you have the same chromatic characteristics as the muse of Dolce & Gabbana, draw inspiration from these outfits worn by the supermodel. For impeccable and timeless elegance, choose the magnificent Classic Blue, chosen by Pantone as the color of the year for 2020 and worn by Bianca at the Cannes Film Festival. For a romantic and exquisitely summer look, Faded Denim is the soft color that immediately evokes the blue of the sky. Do you prefer the foamy verve of the sea? Draw inspiration from the Biscay Green lace dress worn by Bianca for Dolce & Gabbana.

Autumn season: Sofia Loren

To represent the Autumn color season I chose the Italian diva par excellence. The extraordinary Sofia Loren, unforgettable protagonist of many masterpieces of Italian cinema, is the symbol of Autumn women. With her amber-colored skin, perturbing brown eyes and coppery hair, the national Sofia has the warm and intense colors of this season. If you also have the same colors as her, I recommend the typically autumn shades. This is the case of the intense Saffron color, worn by Sofia at the 2009 Oscars, but also of the bright and vitaminic Orange Peel that the diva has always showed off, or of the more sophisticated Cinnamon Stick of some of her more recent outfits. Warm and intense shades are ideal for enhancing this type of complexion.

Winter season: Monica Bellucci

The typical colors of Winter women are naturally cold and dark. The emblem of female winter beauty is certainly Monica Bellucci, protagonist of numerous successful films, from Malena to Spectre. With her tones in stark contrast between raven hair, dark eyes and porcelain skin, the splendid Umbrian actress best embodies the cold season. Do you also have these colors? If yes, then among the new Pantone colors, take advantage of the charm of Grape Compote, the purple worn by Monica in a sensual nude lace look. The sober and natural class of Chive will enhance your intense tones, like those of the actress in the campaign ad shot for D&G. But don’t forget the passionate Flame Scarlet, which Monica shows off magnificently once again for Dolce & Gabbana.

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