Who ever said that enhancing one’s looks is important only for women? Here are some tips for men, to save time in getting dressed and reduce unnecessary purchases.

Our look is our most powerful communication tool and this also applies to men. If you have decided to renew your style and are looking for advice and inspiration, you are in the right place! Are you one of those people who dresses, looks in the mirror and see that nothing suits you? Do you always have that shabby look that bothers you because you would like to have a neat and tidy look? Do you go window shopping and after wandering around the city you can’t find the clothes you were looking for and which you imagined yourself wearing?

My service

With my tailored image consultancy service I offer you a service aimed at enhancing your image in aesthetic, fashion and style terms, making your physical features stand out through the creation of a right look that represents you and is able to convey self-confidence, charm and harmony to your image. But my advice does not only include advice on how to dress, there is so much more. I will help you embark on a restyling journey in which I will guide you to identify your strengths to exploit and flaws to camouflage, analyzing lines, shapes, colors and hairstyles that best enhance you. We will study together all the details that can help turn your image into a testimonial of your personality in any context you immerse yourself.

Do you want to entrust your image to me? Together we will build a personalized and tailor-made path based on your needs and objectives.

My image consulting service are developed in different steps. In detail:


In this phase we will analyze the natural colors of your skin, your eyes and your hair with the drap test method, with the aim of identifying and creating your personal palette with the nuances to be used in your outfits.


In the second step we will focus instead on the morphological analysis which is very useful to define the shapes, lines and proportions of your body. After the analysis I will help you identify which clothing and accessories enhance your figure and your personal features.


This step is fundamental for your upgrade. You will discover what your style is, starting from the analysis of your personality. You will receive advice on brands and stores where to buy the right outfits for you to express your style and personality through your clothing.


The face cannot be neglected, for this reason we will analyze it carefully. I will give you useful advice on which haircut to choose, based on the shape of your face, or which beard shape to choose from, to enhance your outline. I will provide tips on accessories to choose from such as glasses or hats. Having a well-groomed face is fundamental, for this reason I will reveal some secrets on how to make your face smooth, glowing and radiant according to your skin type.


Hair is also important in the restyling process. To give harmony to your image I will identify the type of hairstyle and the right cut for you. Thanks to the collaboration of hair stylist partners, you can show off your new cut, which will be created starting from the previous analysis of the face and the result of the stylistic analysis.


Do you often open your wardrobe full of clothes but always end up wearing the same ones? You never know what to wear and you are always undecided? With the analysis and reorganization of the wardrobe you won’t have anything to worry about anymore! Through my advice you will understand how to arrange your clothes in your wardrobe based on the occasion of use. We will evaluate which clothes to keep, which ones need small changes, and which ones you should eliminate because they are not a match for you. Once your wardrobe is reorganized, you will be able to create new outfits with your style starting from what is already in your wardrobe. Finally, we will create your shopping list with the items that are missing in your wardrobe and that you can buy later with my personal shopping service, aimed at completing your wardrobe and make it perfect.


What benefits can you get from my image consultancy?

You will become aware of your colorimetric and physical features, and you will be able to identify the right clothes that give the right proportion to your body and harmony to your image. With your wardrobe in order, you will save time in getting dressed, and you will reduce purchases, by only getting new clothes that are actually missing in your wardrobe. You will also learn what your style will be and how to make it stand out through clothes. You will have a consultancy report, in which all my advice and your personalized color palette will be present, so you can consult it whenever you need it.

Have you decided to renew your looks and wish to entrust your image to me? Get in touch with me! I will be happy to assist you on your path of image upgrade.

My name is Dalahi Ortiz and I am an image consultant.

I use a particular method of analyzing your image that will allow you to find your most “natural” look. As close as possible to how you really are. If you live in Florence and want advice on how to create new looks and find clothes that suit you naturally, contact me here:

Write me: info@dalahiortiz.com
Or call me: 339 4689167

And find out how we can work together!


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