What are the Pantone colours for spring/summer and to whom do they give the different shades? Let’s find out together!

Are you thinking of renewing your wardrobe and want to know the colour trends for spring/summer 2019? Before launching into crazy shopping, it’s best to find out which of the fashionable colours of the summer season enhance your natural beauty. The colours suggested by Pantone are not intended as a list of shades to be copied, but as a palette to be inspired to paint our very personal portrait. Here are the trends colors spring/summer 2019 and which nuances to choose according to your look.

From orange to red: the warm colours light up the summer.

Bright, brilliant and as bright as summer. Warm colours are among the most vitaminic and energizing spring summer 2019 colour trends. Pantone suggests four shades, to be chosen carefully according to your “season”. If you are a woman of the spring color season, with peach embodied and brown or red hair, the color for you is definitely Living Coral. The color of the year 2019 is fresh and delicate, ideal for soft and feminine dresses, in total look or in combination with bright colors. Fiesta is also available for springtime women, with a more intense and bold shade of coral, also available in the jacket and trouser version. For autumn women with amber skin and mahogany red hair, Turmeric is the colour of choice. This magnificent shade of turmeric enhances dark leathers and tans and is ideally suited to the colors of the earth. Is winter your colour season? You are among the few lucky ones who donate Jester Red. Intense and sensual, it is often seen combined with brown and other warm tones, while it also appears wonderfully in contrast with blue and its shades.

From fuchsia to lilac: the cold tones of pink.

A cold but romantic and refined shower: shades of pink are among the colour trends to be preferred for spring summer 2019. Assuming, however, that your natural colors are cold, as in the case of winter women, with ivory skin and dark hair, or summer women, with light eyes and blonde hair. Pink Peacock fuchsia, already in vogue in 2018, returns to conquer the catwalks, this time combined with orange. Sweet Lilac, romantic and graceful, accompanies fuchsia or blue but can also be chosen tone on tone or in contrast with red.

Midnight blue or deep blue: which one to choose?

Two shades of blue, a cold and introspective colour par excellence, are also a must in summer. But they are not interchangeable. If you have a light complexion, green or blue eyes and ash blonde hair, the deep Eclipse is your color, to be combined with fuchsia and lilac. If, on the other hand, you are a winter woman, with dark eyes and hair, opt for Princess Blue. This brilliant shade, ideal for blouses and blazers, can be combined with lilac and green for a refreshing effect.

Light or dark green? Depends on the complexion.

Among the cold tones of the spring/summer 2019 color trends could not miss the green. Its spicy light version, the original Pepper Stem, is perfect for spring women, for tone-on-tone suits or combined with yellow and orange. If you belong to the autumn colour season, choose Terrarium Moss instead, to be combined with a warm red for a truly classy result.

Warm yellow, very hot: the colour of summer.

Yellow is the real must have of spring/summer 2019. Summer colour par excellence, it returns to illuminate the outfits in two shades. If you are a spring woman, with a warm complexion and red or blonde copper hair, the golden Aspen Gold is the yellow for you. For autumn women, with dark skin, mahogany hair and hazel eyes, the ideal shade is instead Mango Mojto. Choose from a total look for a radiant effect, or skillfully match with orange, brown and green.

Sometimes they come back: green light to Brown.

He had disappeared from the fashion shows for years but is back triumphantly among  trends colors spring/summer 2019. Brown leaves the fences of autumn/winter and conquers the summer with two shades. The first is the irresistible Toffee, with its seductive caramel nuances, the second is Brown Granite, darker and more decisive, a symbol of balance and determination. To whom does it give this colour? In both cases, to women with dark hair, such as women in autumn or winter. Very elegant in total look, they combine with green, for a sylvan effect, or with shades of beige for a desert Sahara.

The neutral passepartout.

They are the ones who close the colour palette for spring/summer: the neutral tones that give with everything. Don’t miss them in the closet because they will “save” you on more than one occasion. This is the case with the delicate Soybean, with its softer shade, or Sweet Corn, which is brighter and more ivory-coloured. Class, calm and essentiality are the precious qualities of these colours. Ideal with any combination, they are also very impressive tone-on-tone. Choose them for an enchanting wedding dress or for fresh summer suits that will make you always impeccable in the city.

Would you like some more advice on the trends of SPRING/SUMMER 2019 or the combinations of outfits, accessories and makeup? Write to me now for a personal consultation.


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