Which color to choose from to look gorgeous? Here are the 12 trendy fashion colors in 2020 and how to wear them successfully.

12 trendy fashion colors in 2020

From pastel shades to bright tones, from the colors of the earth, to the shades of the sky. The 2020 color trends chosen by Pantone are ready to satisfy everyone. The important thing is to know how to choose those shades that best suit your look and highlight your natural beauty. To include a color in an outfit, it is not enough for it to be trendy. It’s better to rely on armocromia, the discipline that studies the harmony of colors and suggests the ideal ones based on complexion, eyes and hair. Even the costume designer of Hollywood divas, Edith Head, relied on these principles to make the beauties of the time shine. Here are my tips for each color to help you choose the best.

1. Flame Scarlet: fiery encounter

The first trend color of the 2020 Pantone palette is the symbol of passion.

Warm and bright like a burning fire, Flame Scarlet is the ideal color for spring women, with a clear and radiant complexion. Seductive and feminine, this shade is perfect if you love to dare and not go unnoticed. Choose it for a romantic dinner, if you want to leave him breathless. The right outfit? Elegant dress with bare shoulders, ton sur ton leather clutch bag, fiery lips and super high heels.

2. Saffron: creative attitude

Warm, energetic and bright.

Saffron is a yellow tone that infuses energy and embodies the light of the Mediterranean sun. Ideal for autumn women, with amber complexions and brown or auburn hair. With its creative and spicy style, it is perfect for day dresses with an original cut, in combination with black, or with matching accessories, such as wide-brimmed hats and satin sandals. Use its energy for a shopping afternoon with friends.

3. Classic Blue: the color of the year.

It’s the 2020 Pantone color and it has already won for its class and sobriety.

Symbol of internal stability and balance, Classic Blue is the perfect nuance for a business meeting. Wear it if you are a woman with winter tones: light skin and black or dark brown hair. Classic and elegant outfits enhance it at its best, with tone-on-tone accessories

4. Biscal Green: sparkling freshness

Cold and bright like crystal clear water, Biscal Green is a color that symbolizes hope.

This shade of sea green is ideal for summer, and for women who embody its colors. Choose it for an evening at the museum, if you have a cold complexion and very blond or light brown hair. It will make you more luminous and intriguing, whether worn in a long dress version or with an elegant suit. The accessories? Perfect with bags and shoes in this shade, or matched with pink.

5. Chive: practical with elegance

Are you looking for the right office attire?

If you are a winter woman, Chive is for you. Dark and opaque, but very chic, this color symbolizes perseverance. Choose it if you have an olive complexion, in stark contrast to dark hair. Also ideal for long dresses in cotton or linen fabrics. The matching accessories are elegant and ladylike

6. Faded Denim: romantic lightness

Blue is one of the great protagonists of the 2020 color trends

After the intensity of Classic Blue, Faded Denim recalls a softer shade, typical of light jeans. Cold and clear like the morning sky, this color suits summer women and symbolizes creativity. Choose it for a soft beach robe, high-waist jeans or a wide suit in iridescent fabric, to evoke light waves.

7. Orange Peel: sun juice

Brilliant, energetic, but also intense and enveloping.

Orange Peel is the warm and bright shade of ripe oranges. Symbol of wisdom and concentration, it suits women with autumn tones. Wear it for an aperitif with friends, with soft and fluffy fabrics, in solid colors or with exotic patterns. Complete the outfit with a clutch bag with gold finishings and an ultra vitamin matte lipstick.

8. Mosaic Blue: turquoise class

Again a blue color, but incredibly refined.

This opaque blue, which symbolizes loyalty, is an ideal cold color to enhance the tones of summer women. Choose Mosaic Blue for a gala party and you will be admired by everyone. Perfect for a sheath dress with a simple cut, or for a suit with palazzo pants and a wide front neckline. Pair it with metallic décolleté shoes and starry makeup, to brighten your eyes.

9. Sunlight: pastel splendor

The second shade of yellow among the 2020 color trends is a soft and warm nuance like a spring sunrise.

Not surprisingly, it suits women with the colors of this season, especially in a classic style. Choose it for light clothes with a simple cut, matched with leather accessories. Sunlight also represents tenderness, therefore it is also perfect for more romantic outfits, in chiffon and with gold finishings. The ideal occasion? A morning ceremony, where you can appear sunny and radiant.

10. Coral Pink: princess child

2019 had accustomed us to a bright and vibrant Living Coral.

Coral Pink instead possesses the delicate shade of pink coral. This pale pastel shade is ideal for expressing innocent childish sweetness and suits spring women beautifully. It is the perfect color for a christening, perhaps with a jacket and glitter trousers for a more glamorous and original effect. The accessories? Sandals with organza bow and leather clutch with gold finishings. Don’t forget the make up: cream eyeshadow with black rimmel for a bright look.

11. Cinnamon Stick: impeccable style

A nuance of the earth, a warm and elegant brown.

Cinnamon Stick is the classic color for autumn women, of great effect even on tanned skin. It is a shade that symbolizes balance and it suits strong and posed personalities. Choose it for a day of errands, with a blouse matched with denim, or for total look dresses. Accessories in this color can dare in terms of detail and size, remembering that gold is its essential companion.

12. Grape Compote: mystery woman

A cold and dark color, with a powerful dramatic effect, closes the 2020 color palette trend.

This purple nuance is suitable above all to enhance the winter beauties, to whom it gives a touch of mysterious charm. If you wear Grape Compote, you certainly don’t want to go unnoticed: you can even dare with original and elegant evening dresses, perhaps embellished with an eye-catching jewel. Yes to transparencies and satin fabrics. The accessories? Ankle boots with zipper and stiletto heel, and a bag with metal finishes.

Would you like to find out in detail which shades make you look more beautiful? Contact me for a consultancy and color analysis tailor-made for you.

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