It’s called “Classic Blue 19-4052”, the color of the year 2020 chosen by Pantone Color Institute. “A suggestive color, like the evening sky, which forces us to look beyond appearances and to expand our mindset, challenging us to reflect deeply”. This is how the leading color company justified the choice of a shade that is both “simple and elegant”. And what better color, as a good omen for a new era?

The advice of your Personal Stylist to show off the color of the year 2020 at its best

Blue reflects the need for harmony and spirituality, a desire for solid foundations on which to count on. In addition, it is a bright shade, which instills a sense of serenity and frees the mind of worries. If you love blue and its calming qualities as well, I recommend you to adopt it both in clothing and in other aspects of your everyday life. Here are some tips on how to use Classic Blue in fashion, make-up, and interior design.

Classic Blue in fashion: tips for her

In color psychology, blue is the symbol of balance. Its classic and timeless beauty allows it to be worn both in the most elegant occasions and in everyday outfits. Not surprisingly, it is the color chosen by Letizia Ortiz to inaugurate 2020. It’s hard to forget her magnificent long wrap dress with a sensual tear. If you love less daring versions, get inspired by the innate class of Princess Kate who has worn Classic Blue on three different occasions. From the sober and elegant sheath dress, to the sophisticated pleated dress, to the freshness of a flared dress. Hence, there’s room for the imagination and personality that best reflects you. The keyword? A must-have total look, including accessories. Highly recommended jewel shoes with a high heel, with a wide base or pointed.

Classic Blue make-up: trendy make-up

If you are a make-up lover, don’t worry: Classic Blue will give you great satisfaction. The charm of this color is ideal to replace black when looking for a deep nuance that does not weigh down the look. The important thing is to remember that it only suits women with the cold colors of the winter or summer season. In this case, eyeliner, mascara and Classic Blue pencils are a must for your evening beauty. Yes to bright blue or metallic eyeshadows, in the powder or creamy version, to create rock and fierce looks. To enhance the depth of a languid gaze, choose a blue satin eyeshadow instead. You don’t want to do without the smokey eye? Focus on a blue mat eyeshadow, and finish with blue eyeliner and rimmel. The effect is guaranteed, especially if combined with a strawberry lipstick for a glam effect or a nude lip gloss.

Classic Blue men’s fashion: tips for him

It’s no secret that blue goes perfectly with male outfits. The color of stability par excellence inspires confidence and gives a touch of conscious class. Timeless and with a great wearability, blue is a strategic color for every situation and all seasons of the year. In fact, it is often chosen on occasions of a certain importance, such as graduations, weddings and business meetings. The blue suit, complete with jacket and pants, best expresses the qualities of this fascinating color. But nothing prevents you from matching it with black or white for a more sporty looks. Blue shoes? Absolutely allowed.

Classic blue ideas for your home

Relaxing and pleasant like few other colors, why not adopt blue even inside the home? Thanks to its multiple shades, blue adapts to any interior design style, from modern to minimalist, up to the most glamorous and chic. Use it combined with velvet for sofas, armchairs and poufs, to give a touch of luminous elegance and obtain a refined effect. For the summer season or the beach house, choose Classic Blue linen curtains to give freshness to the environment. As for the furnishings, you can match blue with wooden furniture to create a contrast between cold and warm shades. Or lighten it with the shine of metal, for example steel in the kitchen, for a cleaner and more modern effect. Do you love living in luxury? The ideal match is certainly with gold.

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