How to dress for Halloween?

Advice from “The Stylist Parties” on how to make a lasting impression on your Halloween party.

The scariest nightmare of witch night? Not to celebrate it as it deserves. To make a fantastic Halloween party, better prepare in time with dark dedication. From ideal locations to trendy outfits, your “Party Stylist” is ready to help you with tricks for sure success. Here are some precious tips for a black fairytale Halloween or to organize a truly extraordinary dark themed birthday.

Castle Party: How to dress up to rule with class?

Transylvanian memorial castles, with their inaccessible and decadent charm, are the ideal location for a Halloween party or a memorable “dark” birthday party. Soft lights and seductive darkness, high candlesticks that cast shadows on the crystals, will be the background to an exceptional party. The outfit must also be exceptional, with the look of a queen of darkness or a splendid fallen angel. The bustier is the real must-have, to be accompanied by black tulle or very tight hot pants. Don’t be afraid of the cold: your legs will warm up the atmosphere, wrapped in fishnet stockings with a screaming effect. The feather wings, in the Black Angel style of Viktoria Secret, are a touch of class that is both refined and sensual. The make up? Definitely smokey, in contrast with bright red lips and long black lacquered nails.

Halloween masquerade party: a witch to chase

Want to organize a masked Halloween party with friends? The perfect outfit, of course, is the witch’s look. A great classic to be reinterpreted every year with awareness. The tulle skirt, in long or short version, is a trend of autumn-winter 2018, to show off in a fatal total black look. Accompany it with a fitted bustier and highlight the waist with a high belt. The maxi hat for a witch is obviously the must-have accessory to give space to the disguise. Black gloves and stiletto heels, with fiery red lips, will make you a witch even more perturbing. But don’t complain if those present will hunt you down.

Dark themed birthday: the choice of style

If you want to organize a birthday on Halloween, or on 1 or 2 November, the dark code is essential. Be sure to choose scarlet red for the table and the decorations, in contrast with the shiny black of the furnishings. For your outfit, you can definitely opt for the long dress, with a magnificent black lace, in Dolce & Gabbana style, or a winking transparent skirt in Dior style. The cobweb effect dress will turn you into a dark enchantress. Does total black accompany you all year round? For your birthday, focus on a simple but striking look. For a punk-rock efect you just need to combine a voluminous tulle skirt with a white T-shirt, and that’s it. Don’t forget the black jacket, in perfect Rock & Roll style!


Would you like more detailed advice on how to organise a Halloween party or birthday on these dates?

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