A week’s skiing holiday: treat yourself to a time of relaxation and nature at its best, but to get the full enjoyment from it you need the right ski equipment. Here are a few tips.

The latest in high-tech skiing equipment? 100% handcrafted skis… Yes, you’ve heard it right. Tradition is the future of skiing with STÖCKLI Swiss factorystarted by Josef Stöckli in 1930 and evolved into a true company in 1936. 80 years of history and excellence. Today, Stöckli’s customers are provided with the most innovative equipment used at world championships and can enjoy the thrill of skiing like a pro.  In Prato, these exclusive skis are found only at Coppini Sport, the city’s go-to shop for sports equipment of the highest quality. Let the shop owner, Massimo Santoni, be your guide. With his help, I chose a bamboo model, eco-friendly, trendy and easy to carry. They help me turn a day of skiing into a healthy dose of lightness and freedom. And I love the way they look: I can’t take my eyes off them on the chair lift!

Giuseppe the ski lover that he is, has chosen Laser CX, the perfect combination of slalom and giant slalom racing skis which allow sporty skiers to enjoy short turns as well as increase their speed while skiing. Before purchasing them, you can experience action-rich skiing by renting them for a few days at Coppini Sport.  You’ll refuse to take them off!


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