Having a stylish skiing look means being high-tech and elegant at the same time, make sure your skiing outfit is a perfect fit and choose breathable and very warm fabrics.

I fell in love with the Toni Sailer brand. So when it comes to hitting the slopes, we wear close-fitting pants, but not too constricting. As for the jacket, I choose an evergreen, an elegant blue Colmar jacket matched with blue Toni Sailer pants. Alternatively, I wear a black RH+ jacket over white Colmarpants: black and white is always right, no matter where you are, even on the slopes!

Two outfits for him. The first one is a more technical and manly black-and-white look, with black Lacroix jacket and Toni Sailer pants. The second is a combination of blue Sailer pants and orange Goldwin jacket, bright and fun. Just a few words about the color orange: it is this winter’s way to go skiing. Both for her and for him, orange it this season’s it-color and it’s all over clothing and accessories. Speaking of accessories, remember that they must be chosen with care and by always keeping an eye on style. He chose a Poc helmet and goggles, clean-looking and minimalist style. Instead, I picked an Uvex helmet, with a slightly more shaped silhouette. And we both wear Atomic ski boots.



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