It’s one of my favorite colors and it has been super trendy for a couple of seasons now: yellow! A color that I enjoy wearing very often- it really flatters my skin complexion and dark hair. This time I went for a total casual and informal look: a comfortable outfit of skinny cropped pants by Momoni, a PVC raincoat by Aspesi and a men’s style shirt. The must-have accessory? The yellow enameled ring by Celeste Generoso .

PVC outerwear / Aspesi
Pants / Momonì
Blouse / Fatta a su misura
Bag / Avenue 67
Shoes / Sebastian
Frames / Marc Jacobs
Earrings / Not For All
Yellow ring / Celeste Generoso

Ph: Gianluca Masini

Outfit - Impermiabile giallo

Outfit - impermiabile giallo

Outfit - impermiabile giallo su camicia bianca

Outfit - impermiabile giallo con borsa verde

Outfit - total giallo su borsa verde

borsa verde

Outfit -Sebastian gialle

Outfit - Camicia bianca fatta su misura

Outfit - Momonì gialli e borsa verde

Outfit - pantaloni gialli a sigaretta gialli

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